First post on Facineating!

I’ll skip the long introduction (you’ll get to know me eventually by following my blog). This is my first post and the beginning of a lifetime of healthy eating habits. Cheers!

Now, let’s get straight to business, here’s what has been on my menu today:

9:50am For breakfast I had my usual, which I absolutely love: a bowl of fruit (1 apple, 1 kiwi and 1/2 cup raspberries and strawberries), two organic whole wheat quinoa rice crackers with my hummus and some arugula and a cup of organic green tea.

I met a friend in town for lunch but wasn’t hungry since I’d just eaten breakfast so I had a cup of green tea while she had her lunch. (Sorry, no picture.)

3:05pm After walking around in town and running some errands I arrived home and had lunch. I had  a bowl (about 1 1/2 cups) of oats with about 1/2 cup of raspberries mixed in while cooking. I topped it with a nice spoonful of creamy organic peanut butter. This was my first time having a spoonful of peanut butter in my oats, it was so good!  And of course, another cup of organic green tea.

6:20pm Dinner (sorry about the bad picture quality, kitchen lighting…) was a bowl of carrots and cabbage (1 carrot, 1 cup of cabbage, 1 tsp red curry paste) topped off with a tablespoon of my hummus. I also had an organic whole wheat quinoa rice cracker and another cup of organic green tea.

Although I felt filled up from my dinner I was craving some kind of treat, and the creamy peanut butter I’d just picked up at an organic shop today was calling my name. I whipped out a small spoonful of it and spread it on a banana. I also threw together a small bowl of about 1/2 cup rice milk, 1/2 cup cereal puffs and 1 tbs of goji berries. I didn’t even wind up using the whole dollop of peanut butter. Now I’m full! (Again, sorry about the bad picture quality)

Total calorie intake: ~993 kcal

Exercise today:
40 minutes speedwalking in town
100 crunches
25 dumbell lifts (2kg weights)
20 lunges with dumbells
10 “girly” pushups

What was your special little treat this Monday?


3 thoughts on “First post on Facineating!

  1. Hey girl! Thanks for your comments :D I totally LOVE your placements, and matching red oats! I never make oatmeal but everyone else’s looks so good. My treat has been a BUNCH of little peanut butter easter eggs- haha and probably more to come.

  2. Hi Tina-I’m lovin’ the name of your new blog! Your morning bowl of fruit looks so yummy, and the color of your oatmeal is gorgeous. I’m looking forward to reading your posts :)

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