Sunshine, Bikram Yoga and Food

I did it! My first Bikram Yoga class! I was prepared to get my butt kicked and did I ever! One and a half hour of sweating, stretching, tensing and breathing. I didn’t even think that much about how much I was actually sweating until I pulled my clothes off in the changing room and realized every single piece of clothing was soaked through, even my undies! Yikes!

During most of the class I was thinking “Let it be over, let it be over…” But now that I’ve done it, I’m thinking: never say never, right? It wasn’t really my cup of tea but I can’t say I’ll never do it again.

The sun has been shining today like I haven’t seen it shine in a very long time and the sky was crystal blue! I wanted to get in a run this afternoon as well but I have been absolutely drained all day after the yoga this morning. Enough about that though, here’s food!

8:20am I grabbed a light breakfast this morning before yoga. An apple and a whole wheat quinoa rice cracker with hummus and arugula hit the spot!

12:50pm The whole way home from yoga I kept thinking about my oats, it’s my favorite meal of the day. I could honestly eat this for breakfast lunch and dinner (I don’t really know what is stopping me from doing so!) I made a portion of my organic whole wheat oats and mixed in about 2 tbs blueberries, 1/2 banana and topped it off with 1 tbs organic peanut butter. So good and exactly what I was craving! I also had my signature cup of organic green tea.

3:30pm I grabbed a snack this afternoon so that I wouldn’t go so long between lunch and dinner. An apple with a sprinkle of cinnamon is a favorite snack of mine. Oh, and a cup of organic green tea!

5:55pm By dinner I was actually really hungry and having a really hard time figuring out what to make. I finally settled for a variation of what I usually have for breakfast. Two organic whole wheat quinoa rice crackers with hummus and arugula and a bowl of fruit; 1 apple (I cut half of it in big chunks and ate them as they were), 1/2 cup strawberries/raspberries, 1 orange, about 1/4 cup puff cereal (sort of like kamut puffs) and about 1/2 cup rice milk. To compliment this meal, a cup of organic green tea. It filled me up and calmed my hungry stomach.

A closeup of the fruit, puffs and rice milk so you can see what was actually in it. Pretty, no? And super yum!

Calorie total: 905 kcal

Exercise today:
40 minutes of speed walking
1,5h Bikram Yoga
100 crunches
20 dumbell lifts (2 kg weights)
40 side crunches (lifts, 20 on each side)

Blog updates: I added two new pages to my blog today. Healthy Reading, which is a list of a few of the books I have read about health and nutrition which I liked (I’ll be adding more as they come). And How I Eat which is a little list of some of the things I try to do to achieve better eating habits. I will get around to telling you “my story” as well (we’ve all got a story, right?) about my eating disorder problems and why I feel it is neccessary for me to achieve healthy eating habits.

Question of the day: Do you count your calories every day?


5 thoughts on “Sunshine, Bikram Yoga and Food

  1. Yeah I do count my calories. It feels like the only way I can keep my eating in check (either eating too much or too little). It’s kind of a habit now.
    Your pictures are always so nice!

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