Friday and oatmeal creme pies

I spent most of the day in town today running errands and having coffee with my sister and two old friends of ours who were visiting from the US. I didn’t get home until almost 5pm and was very hungry then since I’d hardly eaten all day.

Breakfast was the same as yesterday. So I’ll skip posting a picture of it and refer you to my previous posts. I had a coffee latte made with soy milk (a shot of espresso and about a cup of soy milk) with my sister and our friends and I quickly whipped up a wonderful bowl of oats and cut up an apple as soon as I got home. Here it is:

4:45pm A portion of whole wheat oatmeal with 1/2 small banana, 1 tablespoon vegan carob chips, 1 heaping teaspoon organic peanut butter, a cup of organic green tea and an apple cut up on the side.

Since I ate this so late I wasn’t really hungry for dinner but I had decided I would make vegan oatmeal creme pies today! This is something I have been talking about making forever! Ever since I tasted an oatmeal creme pie for the first time four years ago at a farmer’s market in the US. It wasn’t vegan, and neither was I at the time, but it was the best thing I had ever tasted and it’s been on my mind since. It’s ridiculous that I hadn’t made these yet, but as usual my thoughts have been stopping me from making them.

I used the recipe in Yellow Rose Recipes by Joanna Vaught. I halved the recipe because I didn’t want too many cookies. In the cookbook it actually suggests that you double the recipe if you’re going to make oatmeal creme pies. I altered the recipe a little bit too and used less sugar than it called for and used whole wheat flour and whole wheat oats. I got seven cookies total.

6:55pm I sat down with a cup of organic green tea and this baby as my Friday night treat. Then I made another one and proceeded to feel quite nauseous after finishing my second oatmeal creme pie. It was good but not as good as I remember the farmer’s market one being. The frosting was much runnier than I expected it to be, I even added more powdered sugar to try to thicken it up but that didn’t make a difference. I think there was something wierd going on with my Ricemellow though, I bought it when I was in the US last and it miiiiight have been a little bit old. Ooppps.

After finishing off four of the cookies in my two oatmeal creme pies I had three chewy cookies left that I piled up on my cute cupcake plate and left on the kitchen table for mom when she gets home from work. Nom.

I’m going to eyeball it and say my oatmeal creme pies were around 150-200 kcal each? What do you think? I hate not knowing. I’ll say 180 kcal.

Total calories today: ~1 126 kcal

Exercise today:
40 minutes of powerwalking/speedwalking
100 crunches
40 side crunches (20 each side)

I really need to do more exercise!

Question of the day: What was your Friday treat?


6 thoughts on “Friday and oatmeal creme pies

  1. Those oatmeal creme cookies look a.mazing!

    My Friday treat will be a 3 course dinner with my fiance :) It’s Restaurant Week in Boston, so a handful of fancy restaurants offer 3 course meals for $30. Yay!

  2. wow those cookies are fantastic!

    I love how you set candles with your every meal, I think I need to try to do that more often.

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