Snacks and new stuff!

Today, I stopped by a new organic store I’d heard about and wound up getting a handful of snackbars. I also went to the Adidas Concept Store and bought myself a yoga mat with a gift certificate my mom got me for Christmas. I drooled over the Stella McCartney Adidas collection, I want everything! The girl working at Adidas included their yoga DVD for me when I bought my mat. I also bought a new workout outfit and a bag for my yoga mat at another sport store. What’s all this for, you wonder? I signed up for another Bikram Yoga class! Here’s all my new stuff:

Pants, sport top, yoga mat from Adidas and bag from Casall, yoga DVD (for free from Adidas store!) and snack bars.

Snackbars. Fruits: Apricot&Oat, Mixed Berry&Oat and Pomegranate, Bluberry&Oat. Raw Organic Foodbar: Cinnamon Raisin and KIDS Keerunch Chocolate Brownie Crunch.

Breakfast today was the usual, but for the sake of a good picture I switched it up a bit and had an orange instead of a kiwi and sprinkled some of the zest from the orange on top of my fruit salad.

09:55am Breakfast. Bowl of fruit (1 orange, 1 apple, 1/2 cup strawberries and raspberries), 2 whole wheat quinoa rice crackers, 1 tbs hummus, arugula. And a cup of organic green tea.

2:55pm Lunch. I whipped up my standard bowl of oatmeal for lunch. Today I mixed in a handful of frozen raspberries and topped it with a heaping teaspoon of creamy organic peanut butter. Also had a cup of green tea.

3.20pm Snack. Although I was full after lunch I was curious to try one of my new bars and Chocolate Brownie Crunch was totally calling my name. It was super good, definitely crunchy. It’s 152 kcal, 2,7g protein and 8g of fat per bar. All organic and vegan.

I waited for my food to digest and then went out for a 40 minute run followed by crunches. Then I made dinner.

6:20pm Dinner. Another salad like the other day: big white beans, arugula, sundried tomatoes, lettuce, carrot, tomato and topped with herb salt and a dressing I made by watering down some thick organic tahini. I also had two organic japanease miso rice crackers with this, and a cup of green tea.

7pm Dessert. As usual, my cravings have been off the hook today (more about that below). I wasn’t hungry for dessert but needed something to calm my cravings. I mixed together about 1/2 cup kamut puffs, 1/2 cup rice milk and crumbled one of my bars over it (this was the Moist Organic Apricot and Oat Bar: 129 kcal, 1.98g protein, 4.9g fat). It was good, the rice milk and apricot bar made it sweet. But it didn’t really eliminate my cravings.

Total calories today: 1 088 kcal

Exercise today:
20 minutes of powerwalking in town (including running up stairs)
40 minute jog/run
130 crunches
60 side crunches (30 each side)

I have to talk a little bit about my struggles. The weekends are the hardest because that is when my body for some reason naturally goes into “binge”-mode. Yesterday and today have been such struggles, mostly because I’ve passed this big candy store in town probably about four times in the past two days. Candy is one of the things I have a tendency to binge on and I haven’t got candy at this place in a long time so it’s been in the back of my mind forever and it keeps coming up and haunting me. When I passed the candy store today I forced myself to focus on oatmeal and thinking about that I was on my way home to make a nice bowl of oats with a dollop of PB. I hate that I have these bad food thoughts going on in my mind. Part of me keeps thinking “restrict/binge”. I’m trying SO hard to just eat healthy and exercise to prevent my bad thoughts and destructive behaviour, but it’s really hard.

Question of the day: I’m reaching out to all you food and fitness bloggers with a slight problem I have: I want to tone up and get my body/skin to tighten up. Despite the crunches and toning exercises I do, I’ve been noticing that my skin just doesn’t want to tighten up. There’s this layer of “saggy skin” on top of my muscles that I want to tighten up/get rid of. How do I do that? Do I need to do more toning (crunches, dumbell lifts, lunges etc.) or is it cardio I should be doing more of? Or should I change something in the way I am eating – more protein, less fat? Please advise me!


4 thoughts on “Snacks and new stuff!

  1. I LOVE the Raw bars. They taste amazing when you heat them up in the microwave for about 22 seconds. The chocolate chips get all melty :)

    In response to your question…

    Have you lost a lot of weight recently?
    That could be causing the “sagging” appearance.
    Once you have reached you goal weight I’m sure with the help or resistance training, Pilates (I’m a total fan of the Pilates method) or whatever you find works best for your body will help tone up the skin and tighten the muscles under it.
    Have you ever tried Pilates? I love the reformer work but mat work can be just as useful.

    If you think it’s more of a layer of fat that is giving you this “sagging” appearance than cardio and proper diet should help.

    So in conclusion…. DO IT ALL! Haha


  2. Oh wow! I never saw any of those bars when I lived in Sweden! So jealous! I had to have my mom send me PB and my bars every month, haha if only I had lived in Stockholm my mom wouldn’t have spent so much money sending me all my food.

    And regarding the candy, I know how you feel. There is just so much candy in the Swedish stores, it is hard to ignore. I had the same problem with stuff like not eating the entire day so that I could have some lösgodis.

    I have had some problems in the past with restricting and then overeating too. What I found that worked for me to get out of this cycle is to get out of the mindset of if I restrict then I can have a whole bunch of candy or whatever. Eat normal and normal size portions and then you won’t want a whole lot of candy or a whole lot of anything. But of course easier said than done!

    I am not much of a fitness guru, but I have toned up a lot since I started doing yoga about a year ago. I think a little cardio never hurt anything either. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend girl!

  3. thanks for the comment :)
    ooo i love bars! the raw organic food bar is so good!
    im no fitness expert or anything but a bit of cardio with strength training is what most people find works for them! i think youve gotta experiment a bit and see what works for you and what you enjoy!

  4. Your lunch oatmeal looks so good!!!!!

    I would say that if you are at a healthy weight then just try and do a few cardio days and a few strength training days each week or mix them together!!

    But if you are not at your “healthy” weight yet, then you probably need to gain some before you start to tone!

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