Yummy wednesday eats

It’s been a gorgeously sunny day today (slightly chilly but nicely crisp)! I made sure to take a nice long powerwalk and get my dose of Vitamin D. Before we get to my eats for today I just wanted to let you know I added a new category to the blog today: Reviews! I hope to add a lot of good (and maybe not so good?) stuff to that category. For now, check out the review of the carrot raisin sprouted bread I bought the other day!

Now, let’s check out this days eats!

10:10am Breakfast. I switched it up slightly this morning because I know I have to try to finish my carrot raisin bread soon, I don’t want it to go bad (and it’s so good it was a natural choice this morning). I had a nice bowl of fruit: 1 apple, 1 small orange, 1/2 cup frozen berries (unfrozen, of course). 1 1/2 tiny slices organic sprouted carrot raisin bread. Yum! And a cup of organic green tea.

2:35pm Lunch. Today’s lunch was delish! I had another little slice of carrot raisin bread and spread a little bit of peanut butter on it and topped it off with sliced banana (Mmm!) along with my standard bowl of oatmeal. Today I made it rather plain and just threw in like three frozen strawberries and topped it with some peanut butter. This bowl of oats was one of the best I’ve ever had though, for some reason it was super creamy!

What would this post be without a closeup of the best part of my lunch?

5:35pm Dinner. Sticking with my plan to eat more vegetables I mixed up another one of my salads for dinner, it was just as lovely as always. Lettuce, tomato, carrot, white beans, alfalfa sprouts, sundried tomatoes and tahini mixed with water to make a dressing. Along with two miso rice crackers on the side and some green tea. Peeking in on the right side of the photo is the book I am reading right now – The Way Life Should Be by Christina Baker Kline. I love reading and often enjoy a book or magazine while I eat.

And this, ladies (and gents?) will be dessert this evening with Grey’s Anatomy!

Sorry about the bad picture, natural light had dissapeared by the time I took this (it’s an oatmeal creme pie if you can’t tell). This afternoon I decided to bake more vegan oatmeal cookies to use up the rest of the silken tofu. I whipped up a big batch this time but used less than half the suggested amount of sugar and less than the full amount of vegetable shortening. I made a raspberry frosting by putting some raspberries into the frosting mixture and spread it between a couple of the cookies to make a few oatmeal creme pies. Looks pretty gross in the picture but I guarantee it looks better in real life. (Hopefully tastes good too, haven’t tried them yet!)

Total calories today: 799 kcal
(I know I’ve said I’m going to try to eat at least 1 000 kcal every day this week so I’m figuring an oatmeal creme pie or two will get me up there)

Exercise today:
1h 20 min powerwalk
200 crunches
120 side crunches (60 each side)

And what is a post of mine without a mention of Bikram Yoga? I had booked a class this morning but cancelled it last night because I was feeling so sick. Felt super bummed about that but enjoyed my walk in the sun today instead. I love the place I go to because it’s so easy to book classes online! I booked a class for Friday afternoon, Sunday morning and Monday morning. Saturday I’ve got an exam all day so I won’t be able to go but I’m a click away from booking a class tomorrow morning. Haven’t decided yet… we’ll see.


7 thoughts on “Yummy wednesday eats

  1. YUM your eats look great today. I hope you eat several of those cream pies to get your cals up young lady. :) I love your lunch. Non traditional and so fabulous. Nom!

  2. oh my gracious. that first picture..i thought that bread was MEATLOAF. i was a bit disturbed. hahaha.

    i love when i know i havent eaten quite enough in a day and i HAVE to eat some delectable treats. darn.

  3. I love the oatmeal creme pie idea! I think I’m going to take your suggestion of using the Ricemellow as a filling between oatmeal cookies – thanks for the advice, Tina!

  4. You take fabulous photos! I love how in Sweden the table is always set so beautifully to make the eating experience that much better! And the carrot raisin bread just looks so good!

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