Sugar, sugar

I’ve had an exam ALL day today! Apparently concentrating and thinking really hard makes you hungry because I was both exhausted and hungry when I got home! I’m a little bit worried about the amount of food I consumed this evening but I’m trying to let it pass as my “Saturday treat” and not beat myself up about it. Truth be told, I’m a little bit worried about the amount of “treats” I have been consuming in general lately…

I got up early and had a power breakfast before the exam.

6:55am Breakfast. I topped my bowl of fruit (apple, kiwi and berries) with some blueberries today for brain power. I also had two rice cakes with a smudge of hummus.

1pm Lunch. I packed a lunch and snacks last night. I had a salad (carrot, tomato, lettuce, white beans) and brought along some hummus to mix in as a “dressing”. I had two Miso rice cakes on the side. I ate the apple as a snack during one of the breaks in the AM and I never ended up eating the fruitus bar.

I bought this Amy’s wrap AGES ago and it’s been sitting in my freezer. I finally made it today.

5:10pm Dinner. I made another salad that was exactly the same as lunch (minus the hummus) and warmed the wrap. The wrap was SUPER good!

Dessert. I didn’t really feel like dessert when I had finished dinner but I wanted something, so I had two slices of my carrot raisin bread topped with raw coconut chocolate spread.

However… a couple of hours later, I was totally feeling dessert and went haywire. Bordering on a binge but I managed to control myself and didn’t go completely insane. I’m going to be honest with you though and tell you everything I ate. I didn’t manage to photograph everything but I did snap some of the stuff. First, I had one of my leftover raspberry oatmeal creme pies that was in the fridge (sorry, no pic). Then I moved on to this:

A mini-bowl of my raw cashew chocolate ice cream topped with a couple of vegan carob chips. And an oatmeal cookie with raw coconut chocolate spread.

Then I got the “brilliant” idea to make peanut butter frosting for my oatmeal cookies and proceeded to make such a big batch that I had two of these (above) and used the last of the frosting to top the last piece of my carrot raisin bread (sorry, no pic).

And I had all of my dessert without measuring anything so I’m guesstimating the calories…

Total calories today: ~1 800 – 2 000 kcal?
(After my first little dessert of carrot raisin bread with choc spread I was at 1 017 kcal, that’s where I stopped counting).

Exercise today:
15 minutes powerwalking
100 crunches
60 side crunches

Way too little exercise today. Partly because I’ve been sitting in a classroom almost all day, but also because the snow came down again yesterday and it’s super cold. It’s Bikram yoga tomorrow morning though (YAY!), but I’m worried about feeling sick again because of all the junk I’ve eaten this evening. Bleh.


3 thoughts on “Sugar, sugar

  1. I think it’s very brave and can be very helpful to either write down or blog about what you eat in your binges. It may seem embarassing at first but maybe seeing it on paper (or on screen) will help you to understand it more.

    Thank you for the support. I think this community is so grate for that. I love it so much and am so thankful I’ve started blogging because everyone is so generous and caring.

    That Indian Samosa wrap looks super good! I just picked up some Amy’s Breakfast Burritos and a Amy’s Cheese less pizza! I’m totally excited to try them, plus they were like 50% OFF!

    Just keep working hard girl, it’s all we can do. You seem to be getting a lot better at stopping before you’ve gone over board. 2000 calories a day is NORMAL, not excessive AT ALL. It’s so hard to teach ourselves that eating a little more, a NORMAL AMOUNT, is not going to make us fat. Just keep working hard on finding out the “WHY” factor of what causes they binges.

    Have a happy and healthy weekend!

    Much love,

  2. Peanut butter frosting with oatmeal cookies? Oh wow, that just sounds so good! Would you mind posting the recipe that you used for the oatmeal cookies? Or if you already did could you link which post it is? I need to be making some of those asap!! It was so brave of you to be honest and post everything even if you think it may have been too much. But in my honest opinion, your body was probably just wanting more food since your calorie intake was somewhat low the rest of the day. Try and listen to your body and it will do wonders :) Enjoy Bikram in the morning!

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