Gray Sunday

I missed Bikram yoga this morning. I got up and was getting everything ready to go when it suddenly hit me – today we change the clocks in Sweden. One hour ahead. I checked the clock and realized it was too late to get to Bikram. Somehow starting my day on such a bad note threw everything off course and I’ve had a really bad day. I’m just going to go ahead and post the food pictures I took, but this is of course not even close to everything I ate. I’m just really upset right now and angry with myself for constantly doing this. I just want it to stop already, I’ve had enough.

Sorry for all my mopy entries as of late. Hopefully tomorrow will be a cheerier post. I posted some new reviews in an attempt to make up for it (check the previous posts).

Breakfast: 1 apple, 1 kiwi, 1/2 cup strawberries and raspberries, 1/3 cup kamut puffs, 1 tbs goji berries, 2 rice cakes with hummus. And I finished my last book so now I’m on to reading The Center of Everything by Laura Moriarty.

Snack: Needless to say, my stomach has been a bottomless pit today. I finally had one of my bars as a snack a couple of hours after breakfast. It was good but mostly tasted like raisins?

I didn’t get my “oats fix” yesterday so I made a crazy combo today. In the mix went a small banana and some strawberries.

Lunch: I topped my banana/strawberry oats with raw chocolate coconut spread. Some banana slices and cinnamon. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped.

And after this… well, let’s just say I lost control. I’m very, very upset right now.


5 thoughts on “Gray Sunday

  1. I’m so sorry about the disappointing oats and your little loss of control! but don’t beat yourself over it, it’s just a day of it, and you can always pick yourself up the next day! I hope you feel much better soon…

  2. Hey girlie,
    Sorry to hear about your rough day. I know how hard it can be when things go wrong, they kinda snowball out of control for the rest of the day. Get a good nights rest and start fresh tomorrow, or better even….start fresh NOW! Don’t focus on the past and feel regretful or ashamed, all you can do it do better the next time and learn from your mistakes.
    Much love,

  3. Hi Tina, I am sorry to hear that you are having a bad day! It’s so much easier to lose control after you have eaten something that’s unsatisfying, maybe you should try to bring more variety into your meals and it would help? You know how to find me if you ever wanna talk about it girl! Try and enjoy the rest of your day!

  4. cheer up little bird!! :]

    also. that ice cream in your
    last few posts. WOW WOW WOW.
    im coming over. ill bring my
    own spoon! im sooooo serious.

    double also. eat pray love is
    a fabulous book. i read it this
    summer AFTER i studied abroad
    in italy for a month so that
    made a huge chunk of the book
    even more enjoyable for me. yay.

    hope things are looking up!!

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