Review: Raw Chocolate Coconut Butter

Review: Artisana Raw Chocolate Coconut Butter

Ingredients: Raw coconut, raw agave syrup, raw cocoa beans, raw cocoa butter.

Nutritional facts (per 100g):
212 Calories
19g Fat
2g Protein

I was imagining this to be a creamy and spreadable consistency but as it turns out, it’s stone hard! I’ve used it on toastead bread and in warm oats which work against the raw quality of the product but is the only way to get this “butter” soft. I also warmed some of it and spread it on a banana, which turned out to be my favorite way of eating this. The flavor is slightly bitter because of the pure cocoa in it, and it has a clear hint of coconut. The nutritional information is of course fenomenal, I almost fell backwards reading the ingredients and nutritional information – 212 calories for almost half the jar? No way! Although this is a healthy and tasty treat it is frustrating trying to get the butter out of the jar, and not only that, it’s outrageously expensive too and unfortunately does not feel worth the price for such a small amount.

Overall (3/5):


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