Stay in the heat!

I was so tired this morning when I got up to go to Bikram Yoga! I had a different teacher today. She messed up a couple of times during the class, she forgot one pose and was reminded by one of the class participants and at one point she was giving mixed instructions so many of us got confused. I don’t blame her so much for the latter because it was most likely caused by a woman suddenly leaving the room (gasp!). In Bikram yoga they tell you that it is very important to stay in the room for the full 90 minutes no matter what, but today a woman suddenly just stormed out and about three minutes later she came back, rather slamming the door both on her way in and out. I don’t know what was wrong with her but I can only assume she felt nauseous or something. I know what it is like to feel sick during class but when I felt like I was going to throw up and pass out I just sat down and breathed through it for two minutes and then continued, completing the full class. I can definitely understand why they don’t want you to leave during class, it’s very distracting for everyone else.

Not so exciting food pictures today but there are at least pictures!

7:30am Before Bikram I grabbed a banana before running out the door.

I met a friend for lunch around noon, after Bikram. We went to a place called Sthlm New Deli and I got the only vegetarian meal they had – sesame seed marinated quorn (vegetarian “meat”) with red bell pepper. Each meal came with a choice of different sides. I chose a side of raw vegetables (broccoli, red bell pepper and cabbage) and a side of a mix of beans (white beans, kidney beans and chickpeas) in some kind of mustard, curry sauce. The portions were quite massive and I was ravenous after Bikram so I ate almost all of it. I’m figuring it was probably about a 530 kcal portion (according to the website the quorn portion is about 270 kcal). Maybe? Sorry, no lunch picture – not comfortable taking foodie pics in front of my friend.

2:15pm When I got home I felt a little bit restless. I have had a headache since Bikram this morning and been unusually tired. I grabbed an apple to calm my urge to snack. Then I proceeded to pass out for an hour and a half. Unfortunately that did not make my headache go away. :(

5:45pm Dinner. I was having such a hard time coming up with something for dinner. Finally I just let whatever was in the fridge decide, the outcome was a salad – again! I threw together lettuce, tomato, carrot, sundried tomatoes, raw cauliflower, arugula, alfalfa sprouts and topped with a dollop of hummus. On the side I had two Miso rice cakes.

6:15pm Dessert. Feeling a little bit sorry for myself about my headache I whipped out my carton of Booja-Booja ice cream and had a mini-Erin-bowl of it.

Mom baked brownies today and I know she wants me to have dessert with her, my sister and my brother and his girlfriend later. They’re not vegan, but neither was my lunch today (there was nothing vegan on the menu, boo!) We’ll see, maybe I’ll have a brownie tonight, unless I pass out from this miserable headache!

Total calories today: ~1 085

Exercise today:
40 minute speedwalk
1,5h Bikram Yoga
(Plan to do 100 crunches, 60 side crunches and 3 planks)

And I’ll leave you with this, and a question.

My snack last night: A medjool date with PB and a small apple.

Question for today: Please give me more suggestions for great breakfast, lunches and dinners!


10 thoughts on “Stay in the heat!

  1. wow! that salad looks great! veggie roasts make for awesome dinners, esp if you add in some protein (i do eggs, or chicken sausage, or baked tofu, or something that fits along with the whole roast theme!). it’s easy to get into a food rut. i make yogurt messes every single morning and i TRY to make oatmeal, or PB bagels, or eggs, but i just can’t shake it up!!

  2. I looove it when I get to make new batches of food…though it’s kinda nice to have some default meals that you go to *cough* food rut?? hehehe

    Just found your blog and think you take awesome pics AND have yummy food combos like that terrific salad!! Yum!

  3. I have to ask about the amount of calories. Is that the amount you’ve eaten and then minus what you’ve burnt through exercise? I ask because if you eat that amount then do all that exercise, you must be only getting about 400 cals.

  4. Your eats look great. However – I might suggest a little more ;) But, of course, it’s all a personal choice!
    I’m sorry about your headache!
    I get a lot of ideas from other blogs. Have you seen anything you might want to try?

  5. Breakfast:
    Apple with Almond butter and 2 T. raisins
    Oatmeal with Pumpkin and Nut butter
    Smoothie with fresh fruit, veggies, nut butter, protein powder, soy milk etc

    Veggie wrap with hummus
    PB and Banana either on a sammy, wrap or on it’s own
    Roasted vegetables (yams, brussell sprouts, mushrooms etc)
    Homemade veggie burgers with all the fixings
    Stir fry vegetables with edamame

    Just check out different peoples blog and I’m sure you can find TONS of stuff to eat :)

    Sorry about the weirdness of Bikram today. I hate when you get a new teacher, it’s always awkward transitioning from one teacher to the other but give her a chance and I’m sure it will all work out.

    Keep positive thought!

    Much Love,

  6. For breakfast I usually have a 3 egg white omelet loaded with peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Also a 1 cup serving of Cheerios with 1/4 sliced banana in 1 cup vanilla soymilk.
    For lunch I switch it up but usually have a pita stuffed with some protein,vegs,etc.. Today I made it into a quesadilla with tuna, lettuce, peppers, and Laughing Cow Light Cheese with a side of steamed apples and a dollop of yogurt and cinnamon on top.
    For dinner I had a Parmesean Boca Burger on a light wheat bun topped with mustard and onions. Plus a few sweet potato “fries”(microwaved sliced sweet potato), and a heaping salad with a mix of things.
    Then of course a snack–a simple bag of 94% ff kettle corn. Hope you find some new eats to satisfy your body and soul =)

  7. Have I told you before that I love how you post what time you ate the foods you feature? I think I have! It makes your blog unique and I think a lot of people find that stuff intereesting…including me!

    • Thank you! I was worried people would think I was a little weird for posting the exact times I eat my meals but it’s something I started doing for myself mostly to help me keep a balanced eating schedule, eating at regular times (about every three hours). On a whim, I decided to include it in my blog too. I’m happy you like it! :)

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