Exercise-packed day!

I’ve been exercising my little heart out today! I had Bikram Yoga this morning, I powerwalked from the bus to Bikram and back as usual (about a 40 minute powerwalk total), then I got home and went for a powerwalk and jog for an hour and fifteen minutes! The weather was amazing and I wanted to practice my interval training. I finished it all off with crunches. It feels great!

Before heading out to Bikram this morning I grabbed this sweet thing.

8:30am Breakfast An apple.

On my way home from Bikram I went by my favorite organic shop and picked up some items. I got another loaf of Sunnyvale bread since I loved the Carrot Raisin bread I got before. This time I got a date bread.

When I got home I made a fantastic bowl of oats! In the mix went oats, water, 1/2 banana, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

1:05pm Lunch. I added a dollop of peanut butter to my oats and had two small slices of date bread toasted and plain on the side.

Once my lunch had digested I went for a powerwalk alternating speeds by walking faster and jogging and running. I want to get better at interval jogging and running so today I practiced a bit. My legs were mush after a tough class of Bikram this morning but I still went for a 1 hour and 15 minute powerwalk/jog/run! I met these guys (below) when I was out.

My oats held me over forever today, so even though I had planned on having some kind of snack in the afternoon I just wasn’t hungry for it. Back from my walk I took my measurements and pictures for the Oh She Glows – Bikini Body Boot Camp. Ick, I have a LOT of work to do so I’m glad I did so much exercise today. It would be wonderful if I could do this much exercise EVERY day.

6.00pm Dinner. For dinner I roasted some veggies in the oven (carrot, cabbage, red bell pepper, cauliflower and zuccini) that I’d mixed with some herb salt, spices and tamari (I’m kind of afraid of olive oil so I rarely, if ever, use it when I cook for myself). I mixed these oven roasted veggies with a portion of brown rice and wakame noodles. Good stuff.

7:50pm Dessert. An evening treat seems to be becoming a staple for me… don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. I got some B’Nice strawberry rice cream (non-dairy ice cream) today so I had a mini-bowl of that and a tiny apple with a dollop of peanut butter. Mm…

Total calories today: 1 145 kcal

Exercise today:
40 minute Powerwalk to and from Bikram yoga
1,5 h Bikram yoga
1h 15 minute Powerwalk/jog/run Interval training
100 crunches
60 side crunches

Today’s motivation: The most important thing is just to keep moving, no matter what – just keep moving. You can enjoy food as long as you stay active.

Question of the day: How often do you have dessert?


9 thoughts on “Exercise-packed day!

  1. yum! that dinner looks delish. i love having dessert…i usually have some sort of snack after dinner every night. partly out of habit i am sad to admit, but partly because i am usually up decently late and i love climbing into bed with a final little treat!

  2. Yay! I’m glad you’re switching up your dinner. It looks great by the way.

    I have something at about 7 or 8 PM every night. I like to go to bed a little hungry so I try to eat something small, either a hot chocolate or a cookie or some fruit. Depends on my mood.

    You’re gonna get in great shape if you keep up this power walking and yoga! Also the exercise helps with the mood. I totally get depressed when I don’t exercise enough.

    Much love,

  3. Every day! As long as you keep it healthy and indulge in “sinful” things occasionally(like the weekends for instance), I think a healthy dessert is the perfect way to end a day. Plus we all deserve some yumminess! It’s all part of a balanced diet =D

  4. I would never think to have oats for lunch but..why not?! They look so good!

    Oh, dessert. I am working on it. Usually I need to have something every night, even if it’s a little something. I am better on nights when I can keep busy. It’s the boredom that gets me back in the kitchen!

  5. Your rice cream looks so yummy! I Wonder if I could find there where I live. I have dessert… probably too much hehe.

  6. I have dessert every couple days but I don’t see anything wrong with having it everday but I’m just not a fan of sweet snacks. But if you are definitely go for it!

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