One thousand five hundred?

It was pouring rain when I got up this morning but thankfully it stopped just in time for me to walk trek? speedwalk from the bus up to Bikram Yoga (a 40 minute walk total, to and from) without getting soaked. In the afternoon it cleared up a bit but it hasn’t been a fabulous day like yesterday. You gotta try to enjoy it while you can!

On my way to Bikram I had an apple. And when I got home I had breakfastlunch.

1:55pm Breakfastlunch. A portion of oatmeal with silken tofu and cinnamon mixed in and some berries on top. With my favorite – two slices of date bread with a smudge of peanut butter and some sliced banana. Also, a cup of organic green tea with aloe vera.

4pm Snack. I had to go to the grocery store this afternoon so for damage control I had half a Cocoa Brownie TREK bar in hopes of this calming my cravings, the grocery stores are absolutely packed with easter candy right now which is really pushing me to the limit! This didn’t hold me over long though (but I didn’t get any candy!)

5:15pm Dinner. I sliced about half of a sweet potato (about 60 grams) and baked it completely plain in the oven, then topped it with some mixed spices. With this I had an Amy’s Bean Burrito.

7:15pm Dessert. For dessert I blended some silken tofu with about 1/2 tbs carob powder and 1 tsp agave syrup to make a pudding, I topped it with some berries.  It turned out quite good actually. This was a mini-portion, only about 1/2 cup. I also had one of my litte Black Bean Brownies. And then I moved on to…

Dessert two. I had the last two slices of date bread (toasted) with a smear of peanut butter and sliced banana. Yumm..! And then to top it all off, I had…

Dessert three(!) A second Black Bean Brownie with peanut butter smudged on top. Perfect combo! I had the Black Bean Brownies like this yesterday evening too stealing some of the peanut butter I’d spooned out for the banana to smear on my brownies.

Total calories today: 1 435 kcal

Exercise today:
40 minute powerwalk
1,5h Bikram yoga
100 crunches

Question/discussion of the day:
Many of you know that I’ve been working on trying to increase my food instake to above a thousand calories a day, even though this scares me a little, and the past two days I have got above a thousand. However, now when I add up my calories and see almost 1,500 kcal I’m slightly terrified. This seems like a lot to me, too much actually, especially considering the low amount of activity I do. So, I’m reaching out to you and asking for your advice: Based on what I have eaten today and with my activity level in mind – would you say that my total amount of calories for today (1 435 kcal) is good/bad/too little/too much?


8 thoughts on “One thousand five hundred?

  1. 1435 is better than what you’ve been having, but I couldn’t advise you on how many calories you should be eating without knowing what you weigh now. You think you’re not active, but you do more exercise than I ever do and I’m guessing you’ve burnt at least 500 cals during exercise, so minus that from what you’ve eaten and your body would have had about 900 cals.
    I aim for about 1300 cals, but then if I exercise I eat more so that I don’t go under 1000 cals.
    I hope that helps.

  2. girlie your eats are just delicious :)
    I love the idea of silken tofu as pudding!! I’ll have to try that
    have a great sunday night!

  3. You will not gain weight eating 1400 calories. You may even lose weight because instead of doing the binge/starve cycle you’ve been going through you’ll end up having a lower weekly caloric intake. Here is what I mean:

    7 Days (Binge/Starve)
    1000 calories
    900 calories
    2500 calories
    1000 calories
    3000 calories
    1000 calories
    1000 calories

    Total = 10400 cals in a week

    7 Days (1400)
    1400 calories
    1400 calories
    1400 calories
    1400 calories
    1400 calories
    1400 calories
    1400 calories

    Total = 9800 cals in a week

    You’ll feel better mentally and physically as well because you don’t have that binge/starve mentality going on.

    I think today was one of your best looking days so far. Keep up the good work. Stay strong and healthy!

  4. i was catching up on your last few posts and
    was so excited to not only see how absolutely
    delicious everything look but that you were
    hitting higher calorie counts. you go my galpal.

    and no one can tell you what number is best except you!

    seriously though. your food makes me drool. :]

    [and my metabolism is supah high right now because
    im training for a half marathon so i have to fuel
    up like crazy. but after its gone. sadtimes. haha.]

  5. I’m a new reader of your blog and so I’m a bit hesitant to post already, especially without reading your background. But I just wanted to provide some quick reassurance that 1400-1500 calories is still low! It is hard adjusting, esp. if you’re coming out of a strict dieting mindset, but think of how much you’ll be revving your metabolism up and focus on how much extra energy your body will use in day-to-day things just because it will be properly fuelled and able to operate healthily :p

  6. Oops, I forgot to say the main thing I wanted to – that 1400 – 1500 is what’s usually recommended by doctors as a weight loss diet.

  7. That oats combination sounds delicious – yay for silken tofu!

    I’d say the only person who can tell you what your calorie needs are is a dietician. (S)he can give you an appropriate calorie guideline – everyone’s needs are different!

  8. i think those calories are offered as a general weight loss amount (when coupled with exercise you might add on even more). all the food looks great and your calories seem right on track!!

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