Switching it up

I’ve had some good eats today. I went grocery shopping today and picked up two new things! The one was Tofutti Sour Supreme (vegan cream cheese) which I have seen so many times and wanted to try but just never have. I also got some plain soy yoghurt which I very rarely buy.

10.45am Breakfast. Three fresh strawberries, a kiwi, an apple, 1/2 tbs apple sauce and two whole grain quinoa rice crackers with hummus, alfalfa sprouts and baby spinach. Along with some organic green tea with aloe vera.

2pm Lunch. Two slices rye bread toasted with Tofutti Sour Supreme vegan cream cheese and alfalfa sprouts. 1/2 cup of plain soy yoghurt with 2 fresh strawberries sliced on top, 1/3 banana with organic peanut butter.

Lunchdessert. A whole grain quinoa rice cracker with peanut butter and cinnamon. A chiquita mini banana with peanut butter.

5:20pm Dinner. A small salad (lettuce, carrot, alfalfa sprouts and cucumber) with a flatbread pizza! This whole grain and flax flatbread is only about 117 kcal and I topped it with about 1-2 tbs tomato/basil sauce, two white button mushrooms, plain tofu, red onion, zuccini and baby spinach. Talk about healthy! I could eat this every single day with good concience!

8:30pm Dessert. Two Black Bean Brownies and a delicious pink lady apple!

Total calories today: 1 153 kcal

Exercise today:
50 minute powerwalk
100 crunches
60 side crunches
3×5 tricep dips


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