Crush(?) and Easter candy

Lovely readers! I’m going to go ahead and ask for your advice again – it’s just so good I can’t resist! Here’s the thing, you know that organic grocery store I shop at? Well, they just recently hired this guy. And suddenly I find myself looking for reasons to go grocery shopping there. Like I try to come up with groceries I need so that I have to stop by there: “Ah, only one organic green tea bag left – yesssss!”

Needless to say, the guy is very cute and friendly. He’s started talking to me more and more, asking me how I’m doing and stuff and he usually starts a conversation with me when I come to the cash register to pay. This is rather uncommon in Sweden really, people aren’t as open and social as in the US or other countries. But, I guess I should mention that the store is rather small and a lot of the time it’s only me and a few other customers in the store. But anyways…

So, what do you think I should do? I mean, he seems eager to talk to me but for all I know he could be like that with all the customers. But then again, he did rush to the cash register when he saw me today (dropping the mop and bucket of water he was cleaning the floors with) and asked his co-worker if he should take over for her. Then he chit-chatted with me while I payed even though there were like three people behind me in line, he showed me these HUGE chocolate Easter eggs they just got in and asked me how I was doing and said it’s his last day before Easter vacation and then he wished me a happy Easter. But, I don’t know… It could just be friendly small-talk because that’s sort of what this place is all about, it’s a little shop with friendly people. Haha, I’m lame. I don’t even know his name.

Okay, nuff jabber. Give me your advice, or don’t, not forcing anyone. But ya know, whatever you say is probably gonna help me more than anything I can come up with myself! I mean, my best idea is to cross my fingers and hope that he’ll gimme a sign, a wink or something maybe? A thumbs up? Alright, I’m snapping out of it now.

FOOD! (Or more like sugar and sweets, it’s been one of those days… argh evil Easter candy!)

10:05am Breakfast. Two rice crackers with a spread of raw cacao bliss and some sliced banana. A bowl of fruit: an apple, a kiwi and two fresh strawberries.

3:10pm Lunch. An apple and two fresh strawberries alongside two slices Sunnyvale Carrot Raisin bread (toasted) with a smudge of peanut butter and topped with sliced banana.

Lunchdessert. My first ever Cadbury Creme Egg (170 kcal). I have no idea what the hype is all about. This is supposed to be one of the most sold Easter candies. Meh, nothing special. It was kind of gross actually and it gave me a bit of a stomach ache (I actually bought two, stupid me, now I need to try to dispose of the other one – and hopefully not by eating it). And I know this is completely NOT vegan but candy is the one thing that I have the hardest time avoiding.

Lunchdessert two. I dipped in and grabbed a handful of Easter candy too. I have eaten WAY too much candy today! I wouldn’t call it a binge though. I have eaten it in small amounts (for being me) at various different times. Not all at once. (~170 kcal)

5:30pm “PM-Snack“. I did a really stupid thing and whipped out the bag of candy again right before dinner. I didn’t even think to check the clock and realize I could have just gone straight to making dinner instead of having another handful of candy. I actually had the above, times about two. (~250 kcal)

6:10pm Dinner. I got right to making dinner. I made another “pizza” using a flatbread with flaxseeds. This might not look so healthy but it’s like a healthy wrap really. The flatbread is only about 117 kcal and I topped it with 1tbs organic tomato basil sauce (no added sugar or anything else), two slices red bell pepper, a handful of baby spinach, a small piece of tofu, 1 small white button mushroom and some hummus and sundried tomatoes. That’s it! The whole mini-pizza amounts to just around 200 kcal.

Of course, for dessert I dipped in and had another handful of candy (~170 kcal). Ugh, enough of that garbage.

Total calories today: 1 590 kcal
(Obviously the candy is kind of guesstimated, aside from the Cadbury Creme Egg. As you can see from my guesstimated calories from candy today it’s over 600 kcal. Not okay!)

Exercise today:
20 minutes powerwalking
3×5 Tricep dips
100 crunches
60 side crunches

In other news…
Melon Cauliflower is doing a fabulous Barney Butter giveaway! And I should totally score because it’s impossible to get your hands on Barney Butter in Sweden. I mean, come on! And don’t miss the funny post about what started it all – The Barney Butter Fiasco.

Question of the day: Alright, love doctors, dish out your advice for me about the above crush-dilemma!  Thankyoumuchly.


8 thoughts on “Crush(?) and Easter candy

  1. Oh cute boy news!! Yay!! I love hearing about it! It seems like he is interested for sure.. people working in grocery stores in Sweden hardly ever strike up a conversation! especially if he dropped is mop and rushed over to “check you out” :) hehe couldn’t resist!

    Oh how much I miss Swedish candy, sigh…

  2. do not get frustrated with what
    to eat my dearest because you
    seriously have the best looking
    eats. EVER. absolutely amazing.
    once i go to the grocery store
    i am going to stock up and recreate
    this entire day. oh my word!

    and eek! boys! and groceries!
    in one place. id simply diiiiie.

    my advice: ask him to squeeze your
    melons to see if theyre ripe. ;]
    hahahahaha. seriously. doooo it!

  3. first, that pizza looks amazing. i am definitely making pizza tomorrow night! second, the easter candy looks great too! i wish you could get reese’s eggs, they are the best :) i have been eating candy like that too ever since i got the huge box of easter goodies.

    okay, on to the boy. enjoy it! fun crushes are the best. and who knows, something totally might happen!! even just a cute coffee date?? keep us updated!

  4. Hi there!
    New reader here and I just want to say that your eats ARE beautiful, although a bit lacking in the calorie department. PLEASE don’t get pissed at me, but I seriously have been through a similar low calorie/sugary binge phase for 2 YEARS which just ended up on me slowing my metabolism and made losing weight hard and even IMPOSSIBLE for me. After 2 years of such eating, I just began sticking with a diet of atleast 1200 calories…I mean, sometimes I’ll eat the occasional 1000 and sometimes even up to 1800 or so…but overall, it sums up to around 1400 kcal/day and I do NOT exercise a lot. I have a desk job and just squeeze in a walk here and there and some strength training. I am not saying I know that this slowing metabolism thing is happening to you, but just reading some of your previous entries reminded me of how I used to body began maintaining its weight of 114 (im 5’1″) on a diet of only 1000 calories and I don’t know about you, but I would HATE it if I had to eat only 1000 calories a day for my whole life!!!
    Anyway, beautiful blog and I wish you the best of luck… Just keep up with the 1400-1500 kcal a day and strength train (push ups, ab work etc…) to increase muscle tone and you MAY…gain some weight but your body will begin to balance it out with the more food you’re feeding it and you should maintain or even lose some weight! I now eat around 1400-1500 with little exercise and maintain a healthy weight of 105 lbs.

    GOOD LUCK!!! I am only trying to help.

  5. Dude, he is soooo into you! Maybe you should go in there one day and say you were planning to go to movie X or concert Y this evening but your friend bailed on you. Or something similar. See if he takes the hint.

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