Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Sorry about the lack of updates the past couple of days. My eats have been both good and bad but also very irregular and because we’ve had company over for Easter dinner (last night) I haven’t been able to photograph everything either. So, here’s just some fun Easter stuff and my eats yesterday (the ones I photographed).

I decorated Easter eggs on Thursday evening for my mom, she wanted them for our dinner on Saturday evening. I didn’t eat any of these though.

I also baked vegan carrot cake cupcakes for Easter dinner dessert. Here they are right out of the oven.

And here they are, frosted and ready to go. The frosting was unfortunately not vegan. My mom insisted on “real” frosting (as she put it) so this is light creme cheese and confectioner’s sugar. Topped with little nonpareil (because I thought they went well with the Easter theme).

I put together this gift bag for my mom as an Easter gift. I figured it’s about time I return the favor of posing as Easter rabbit. :)

Here’s what I put in the bag for her. Australia DVD and six Lindor truffles because she really likes them. We saw Australia together at the movies and she loved it so when I saw it was out on DVD I knew it would be the perfect gift.

Breakfast yesterday morning was two pieces of toasted organic rye bread with Tofutti Sour Supreme (vegan creme cheese) and alfalfa sprouts and a bowl of fruit containing a kiwi, an apple and two fresh sliced strawberries.

Lunch was two slices of carrot/raisin bread toasted with a smudge of peanut butter and sliced banana. Along with a whole grain rice cracker topped with more peanut butter and cinnamon and a mini bowl of plain soy yoghurt and fresh strawberries.

Dinner was not photographed because my brother, his girlfriend and two of his friends came over and I am not comfortable enough to photograph my food around them. As en entree we had a couple different platters – salmon, avocado,  various meats and with that breadrolls and a salad I made. I had a whole grain bread roll with about 1/4 avocado smushed on top. For the main course my mom made “green eggs and ham” (toast with ham, eggs, cheese and hollandaise sauce) but of course I didn’t want that so I came up with my own – vegan – version of this meal. I had a piece of toast with smoked tofu on it and made a “hollandaise sauce” by mixing plain soy yohurt with about a tsp of strong mustard. It was YUM! For dessert I had one of the carrot cake cupcakes (yes, with the non-vegan frosting :() and a few pieces of candy as well as a small slice of lemon bundt cake (also not vegan) my brother’s friend brought. I regret having that little slice though because it turned out to be a quite greasy cake, definitely heavy on the butter. His mother had baked it so I felt I needed to try it.

Question of the day: Did the Easter bunny bring you something fun?


One thought on “Happy Easter

  1. Those cup cakes are GORGEOUS girl!

    The Easter bunny brought me a little chocolate and many new note books! I am a note book freak so I am very happy :)

    Hope your Easter goes well. I’m making an Easter dinner for my Dad and little brother so it should be interesting!

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