Green tea and back to healthy eating!

Sorry my blog updates have been lacking slightly this weekend. Too much food and too little exercise has resulted in my being too embarrassed to actually blog anything. Let’s just say I’m happy Easter is over so I can try to get into focus again.

11.20am Breakfast. I slept SO late today and when I woke up and peeked at the clock I was shocked and instantly shot out of bed. Breakfast was two slices of Sunnyvale organic rye bread with a little smear of Tofutti Sour Supreme and two thin slices of smoked tofu topped with a leaf of baby spinach. In my bowl went an apple, a plum and a mini banana.

3.20pm Lunch. I haven’t had oats in ages! So I whipped up a bowl and threw in a tablespoon of goji berries and then topped it with two fresh strawberries and a mini banana. On the side I had two slices of Sunnyvale organic carrot raisin bread topped with raw cacao bliss and some of the strawberries and banana.

6:50pm Dinner. For dinner I had a salad (lettuce, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, baby spinach, cucumber, carrot, sundried tomatoes) that I topped with a new dressing I’ve been making lately – plain soy yoghurt mixed with a tsp of strong mustard. I also sprinkled some tripple pepper on it. On the side I had two organic miso rice cakes.

9:15pm Dessert
. I munched on two whole grain organic rice cakes with peanut butter and cinnamon for dessert with CSI.

Total calories today:  975 kcal

Exercise today:
100 crunches
60 side crunches (30 each side)

Question of the day: What do you do to motivate yourself to exercise?


4 thoughts on “Green tea and back to healthy eating!

  1. What is motivating me right now to exercise is the looming 10K race I entered. I will run it on June 13 and am SO NERVOUS! I want to do well so that’s what is keeping me going at the moment!
    Hope your Easter went well. I’m trying to do some damage control as well but I’m with family right now and it’s SO HARD to eat healthy when your family is constantly around…. grrr..

  2. whoa! the salad and fruit looks great. i love how pretty your meals are :)

    sometimes nothing motivates me, that’s the problem! if i have an afternoon snack though, i can usually use that as my “pre-workout fuel” which means i have to workout :)

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