Tough Bikram Class

I hadn’t been to a Bikram yoga class since last Wednesday when I went yesterday morning. I was a little nervous as I knew my eating this Easter weekend has been pretty crap and I expected to be feeling both the long break I had taken from Bikram and the bad eating I’d been doing. Yesterday morning was one of the toughest classes I have ever taken so far. I felt nauseous after a couple of poses and had to rest for a a minute a few times during the class. I wasn’t able to do the poses as well as I usually can and I just felt really yuck through the whole thing. I also sweat so much more than I usually do. I wasn’t alone though. Two people left the class and at least half the class had to take regular breaks. One girl layed down in savasana after the initial poses and stayed there until the end of the class. I made it all the way through though and didn’t give up! All day yesterday though I felt a little nauseous and had a splitting headache!

So, for my eats yesterday. Healthy, healthy, healthy!

12:20pm Breakfast. I didn’t eat before Bikram so I got home ravenous. I made a bowl of oats and mixed in a half scoop of vanilla soy protein powder and some blueberries which gave it this light blue/purple color – festive! U topped the oats with part of a mini banana (and a teeny bit of pb that was leftover from my two pieces of toast). I also had two slices of toasted carrot/raisin bread that I topped with peanut butter and the rest of the mini banana.

4pm Snack/Lunch. I ran some errands and got home and had a snack-ish lunch-ish something-ish meal. A flatbread (made with whole wheat and rye flour) and an apple.

Here’s what I put in the flatbread: a smudge of Tofutti vegan creme cheese, some baby spinach and thin slices of smoked tofu. Yuuum!

6:05pm Dinner. My standard dinner salad (lettuce, tomato, carrot, cuccumber, alfalfa sprouts, baby spinach and sundried tomatoes) was in order. My mom got some mixed greens so they’re in the bottom of this bowl and I topped it with a fabulous dressing I’ve been making by using plain soy yoghurt mixed with a tsp of strong mustard. Low calorie, low fat, vegan. Perfect! :) On the side I had two organic miso rice crackers.

9pm Evening snack. Some of you may have noticed I’ve started having an evening snack. I usually check my calories after dinner to determine if I’m too low or too high. Usually I’m too low. Last night I was also very hungry in the evening so I made this little snackplate to eat while watching House. Two whole grain quinoa rice crackers with some peanut butter and cinnamon, an apple and a medjool date.

Total calories today: 1 126 kcal

1,5h Bikram Yoga
1h20min powerwalk
100 crunches
60 side crunches (30 each side)


2 thoughts on “Tough Bikram Class

  1. I’m sure you’ll feel better as the week goes on. Good for you for not giving up!
    You’re meals look great today and your calories are getting better.
    Have a great Wednesday :) Oh wai… or is it Thurday already over there? Haha.

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