Vegetarian buffet

After Bikram yoga this morning I went to Hermans, a restaurant with a fantastic vegetarian buffet. I can best describe it as a Whole Foods salad bar. In other words – amazing! I hadn’t had any breakfast or anything to eat before Bikram.

12.20pm Lunch. I had a small-ish plate of cold salads, about a tablespoon of each (couscous, cucumber, a piece of potato, hummus, rice noodles and water chestnuts, cauliflower, pesto pasta and some other bits and bobs). I had a thin half slice of bread. From the warm foods I just took a small cube of tofu and a small cube of squash from one of the stews and then had a rather big portion of the vegetarian lasagna which was super good. I focused on eating conciously, telling myself I don’t have to finish everything. I tried to eat slowly so I would feel when I started to get full. I ate less than I have previously at this buffet and I left quite a bit on my plate. I made a point to not eat the things that weren’t my absolute favorite and left them on the plate (normally I’d just eat everything anyway). I still walked away from there very full (but that might have had a little bit to do with the two bottles of water I downed after Bikram yoga and the one and half glass of water I drank with my meal). I’m figuring this all amounted to maybe 850 kcal? It’s so hard to guesstimate.

5:10pm Dinner. Obviously, I stayed full on the food I ate at Hermans for a long time. But eventually I felt like having something for dinner. I had plain soy yoghurt with 1/2 banana, a kiwi and some cinnamon. On the side I had two slices of carrot raisin bread with a smudge of Tofutti vegan cream cheese.

I bought this yesterday when I got the Tofutti ice cream sandwhiches, and I’ve had a bit of a sweet tooth all day, so I decided on dessert.

8pm Dessert. I had a couple of scoops of the low-calorie mango ice cream and another couple of tablespoons of the Tofutti chocolate ice cream. It wasn’t as good as the other vegan ice creams I’ve had though. I try to get a new flavor/brand each time I get ice cream.

Dessert two. Oh yeah, second dessert felt neccessary (although technically it wasn’t). I hadn’t had any peanut butter all day so I had two rice crackers, one with peanut butter and one with raw cacao bliss. All topped with a dust of cinnamon, of course.

Total calories today: 1 541 kcal (Guesstimated)

Exercise today:
40 minute powerwalk
1,5h Bikram Yoga
100 crunches
60 side crunches

Question of the day: What is your favorite way to eat nut butter?


6 thoughts on “Vegetarian buffet

  1. my fav. way to eat nut butter is with CARROTS (I like to think I started the carrot + nut butter craze of the blog world…. yes I take ALL THE CREDIT! HA) orrrrrrrrrr in oatmeal of coursE!!!

    as for you YouBar comment you left on my blog…. you can only buy them online! They are not sold in storeS!

    happy saturday!

  2. I say dessert-like flavors after all meals, or even in lieu of a meal, are totally acceptable. I just want me some sugah!

    Growing up, my mom never let us eat at buffets. She always said, “I’m not eating anywhere that has a sneeze guard.” Bahaha she kills me; she’s such a princess sometimes. I guess that’s where I get it.

    Enjoy your Saturday!

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