Carob rice crackers!

Quick post today, I need to hit the sack!

2:20pm Breakfast/Lunch. I didn’t eat anything before Bikram yoga this morning and didn’t get home until 2pm rather exhausted and hungry. I threw together a new favorite – yoghurt mess: plain soy yoghurt with a small chopped apple and a few slices of a banana. On the side I had two thin slices of organic rye bread topped with Tofutti vegan cream cheese, thin slices of smoked tofu and cucumber.

5:35pm Dinner. Since I had breakfast or lunch so late there wasn’t any point in having any kind of real lunch this afternoon. I went straight to dinner instead. I had a salad (iceberg lettuce, tomato, carrot, sundried tomato, cucumber and some sprouts) topped with my yoghurt/mustard dressing that I make. On the side I had an Amy’s Burrito wrap (YUM!)

Here’s two fun things I picked up at the organic shop on my way home from yoga today. Carob covered rice cakes and some organic cherry toffees! Fun!

6pm Dessert. For dessert I baked a small apple in the oven, just dusted with cinnamon, with a bit of Tofutti vegan chocolate ice cream and I tried one of the cherry toffees. I also had a big strawberry (not pictured).

8pm Evening snack. Knowing I needed to try to have a little more calories than I had today I added an evening snack. I had two huge strawberries and one of the carob covered rice cakes (super yum!). Later I also had three more strawberries and two more cherry toffees (not pictured).

Total calories today: 959 kcal

Exercise today:
40 minute powerwalk
1,5h Bikram Yoga
100 crunches
80 Side crunches (40 each side)

This week’s wrapup:

I am proud of myself for…
…going to Bikram yoga four times this week!
…going to Bikram on Wednesday even though I didn’t feel like it after having been on Tuesday
…improving my asanas
…applying for courses and programs for this fall
…eating healthy all week, no overeating and no binges in a whole week!

I am thankful that…
…I got to see my best friend on Saturday
…I have found a doctor that cares about me and is doing everything he can to make me feel better
…a girl who does not know defended me against another girl who has been bullying me and badmouthing me online in her blog for over two years (without any reason, it’s a long story…)

Question of the day: What are you proud of yourself for and thankful for this week?


4 thoughts on “Carob rice crackers!

  1. I like your vegan treats! I really admire your effort! Also, your wrap up is awesome, its really important to remind yourself of the good things in life!

  2. i love your proud/thankful lists! that’s a great idea. i am definitely going to try to keep up with the three daily things. even if they are little teensy tiny things, i think they will start to make a difference overall!!

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