Ick, I’m in pain!

That’s right. Mr.Flu definitely moved in and is currently having a party in my body. Ick, I’ve been sooo sore all day long. I’ve hardly been able to move but managed to go to the mall to get a birthday present for my sister (it’s her birthday tomorrow) and to a doctor’s appointment I had. I sure hope I feel better tomorrow! I’m ready to hit the sack so let’s get down to business…

9:45am Breakfast
. I needed something to soothe my throat so I went for yoghurt mess this morning and boy did it hit the spot – an apple diced into plain soy yoghurt. On the side I had two slices of organic rye bread topped with some Tofutti vegan cream cheese and baby spinach leaves.

2:00pm Lunch. I whipped up oats since I hadn’t had them in a while. I mixed in a half scoop of soy protein powder and some frozen strawberries. On the side I had two slices of sprouted carrot raisin bread, no topping.

5:55pm Dinner. I saved my flatbread for dinner today and made a flatbread vegan pizza instead of having a wrap for lunch. I topped it with some organic plain tomato and basil sauce, zuccini, plain tofu and baby spinach. On the side I had a small salad of mixed greens, a tomato, a small carrot and some cucumber topped with my mustard-yoghurt dressing (play soy yoghurt + strong mustard + water).

8pm Dessert. I knew all day what I was going to have for dessert. Nothing sooths a swollen and sore throat like ice cream! I had low calorie and low fat mango ice cream (this is almost only made up of mango and it’s vegan!), some Tofutti chocolate ice cream (also vegan) and frozen organic carob chips. This definitely upped my calories for the day.

Total calories today: 1 127 kcal

Exercise today:
Light walking 15-20 minutes.


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