I’ve been an emotional wreck this evening. I got home from an appointment this afternoon feeling very sad and I had a lump in my throat and eventually I burst into tears. I can’t go into the details of it, but I’m just feeling rather low right now. This weekend is supposed to be both warm and sunny so I’m hoping that will give me some new energy.

10:00am Breakfast. A classic. Two whole grain rice crackers with Tofutti vegan cream cheese and alfalfa sprouts. A bowl of an apple, a kiwi and two strawberries. Green tea with ginseng.

1:50pm Lunch. After running some errands I got home to throw together some lunch. A whole wheat flatbread with some Tofutti vegan cream cheese, cucumber, baby spinach, alfalfa sprouts and plain tofu. On the side, plain soy yoghurt mixed with a couple of tablespoons of homemade all plain apple sauce and a strawberry sliced on top.

5:35pm Dinner. As mentioned, I was very sad around dinnertime due to an appointment I’d just got home from. I was feeling the usual anxiety about making something for dinner and I really had no appetite whatsoever (I know, very unlike me, normally I snack my way out of this world when I’m feeling upset or anxious). I finally just threw together some oats, mixed in half a scoop of soy protein powder and about a tablespoon of blueberries. I topped it with a little bit of peanut butter and on the side I had two slices carrot raisin bread with Tofutti vegan cream cheese.

My sister bought a package of Celestial tea when she was in the US and since then she (and my mom and I) have been searching high and low for the teas here. I suddenly spotted them today and got three packs since I had such a hard time deciding which flavors to get, they all sounded so good! I got True Blueberry, India Spice Chai and Madagascar Vanilla Red. The packages are so pretty too!

8pm Evening Snack. For an evening snack while watching some TV with mom I had two carob covered rice crackers and a cup of blueberry tea.

Total calories today: 1 104 kcal

Exercise today:
Powerwalk ~45 min
100 crunches


4 thoughts on “Emotional

  1. I hope things get better for you soon! My thoughts are with you.. you know that you can email me ANYTIME that you need some one to talk to. Puss och kram

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