Ordinary Sunday

There hasn’t been much going on today… I met my brother in town and we sat and talked in the sun, which of course is always a nice thing to do. It’s still fantastic weather so I am trying to let that drown out all the demons cluttering up my mind. Too much time has been spent crying this weekend.

9:45am Breakfast. Two whole grain rice crackers with Tofutti Sour Supreme and cucumber. A bowl of 1 small apple, 1/2 banana and 2 strawberries.

1:15pm Lunch. I inhaled this before running out the door to go meet my brother. Not much of a lunch really, more like a snack. Plain soy yoghurt with one small apple.

5pm Dinner. My mom suggested I make a vegetarian pizza for us this evening, so I made a whole wheat crust and topped it with plain organic tomato sauce and a bunch of goodies: red bell pepper, red onion, zucchini, plain tofu, spinach, artichoke hearts and white button mushrooms. Completely vegan! I had the above slice and one more about as big (maybe 450 kcal total?)

8pm Dessert. I knew I hadn’t eaten much today so I made sure to put together a pretty snack plate for dessert. I had an apple dusted with cinnamon, two carob covered rice crackers and four beautiful strawberries.

Total calories today: 1 040 kcal

Exercise today:
Powerwalk 45 min
100 crunches

(Edited to add…)

This week’s wrapup:

I am proud of myself for…
…not overeating for TWO whole weeks! (This is a BIG accomplishment!)
…trying to fit in some light exercise even though I was sick
…eating healthy and not denying myself treats
…that my brother asked me for advice on something that was bothering him
…going out for a drink with my sister for her birthday even though I was down and didn’t want to go out at all

I am thankful that…
…I’ve met with my doctor again and that he is so nice
…I met my brother for coffee in the sun
…the weather has been so pretty this weekend


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