Pretty little things

Thanks for your input about the blog! It seems like you’re interested in hearing about the food but also about other things too! I will do my best to incorporate some fun stuff to the blog! First off, how about I show you some fun stuff I picked up at the mall this afternoon. Mom and I went to this newly re-opened shop that I love because they’ve got a ton of fun quirky things and they’re rather inexpensive too! Here’s what I got…

I bought a super cute mini-tray with cupcakes on it (I love cupcake-things), I’m not entirely sure yet what I’m going to use it for but it was just too cute to resist! Mom got me the set of cute little dessert bowls with spoons (for my ice cream). I wanted to just get one but they only came in a set of four, so four it is. I also bought the pretty light blue mini-bowl for desserts or small meals, and the thing in the front of the photo that says “Bakformar” on it is cupcake liners, in metallic pink! I also bought a new tea cup! I don’t really like the ones I usually use, a tea cup is a pretty personal thing, ya know? So I found this nice size today and it’s cute and pink and has a little duck on it. Last but not least my mom got me these pretty butterlies to attach to my curtains or put up in my room (another thing I’m a little crazy about – butterflies). Good stuff!

Now, let’s check out today’s eats:

10:10am Breakfast. A regular combo right here, sorry the bowl of fruit looks so… mush. I defrosted some raspberries and strawberries and chopped up a small apple for a fruit salad. I also spread some Tofutti vegan cream cheese on two whole grain quinoa rice crackers and finished it off with some slices of cucumber.

3:35pm Lunch. I’d walked to the mall, then to the grocery store and then home and didn’t realize how late it had got until I got home. My tummy was definitely letting me know it was getting late though. I didn’t want to have too big of a meal but had decided beforehand to make oats. I mixed in half a banana and topped it with a little bit of peanut butter. On the side I had a small sliced apple.

6:45pm Dinner. I made a small-ish dinner, since I hadn’t had my yoghurt mess and wrap for lunch as usual I decided I wanted to make it for dinner. So I did. I wasn’t even that hungry when dinner rolled around, my oats definitely held me over. I put alfalfa sprouts, baby spinach, cucumber, Tofutti vegan cream cheese and smoked tofu in my wrap and just chopped a small apple into my plain soy yoghurt. I also grabbed a strawberry on the side.

No dessert today. I just had a cup of bluberry tea with Grey’s Anatomy. Although having a little snack every evening has been working out well for me I decided to skip it today. It hasn’t effected my weight in a bad way but I know snacking too late isn’t considered a good thing – that said, it’s important to remember that every person is different and what works for one person isn’t neccessarily going to be ideal for another so while an evening snack might be considered bad for some it might be a good thing for me. Either way, tonight I wasn’t particularly hungry or in the mood for anything specific in the evening so I just had my tea and was fine with that.

Total calories today: 849 kcal
(I know it’s rather low…)

Exercise today:
1 hour powerwalking
100 crunches


7 thoughts on “Pretty little things

  1. That cup cake tray is adorable. I can’t wait to see some cup cakes on it wrapped in metallic pink wrappers ;)

    Thanks for the love hon, I really appreciate it. I hope that everything over there is going better as well. All we can do is push on, I guess.


  2. I love the cute little trinkets that you purchased! Which store are they from? I went to a store in Stockholm that had very similar stuff but I can’t remember the name of it. Enjoy your evening girl!

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