Yesterday’s eats

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I had a headache last night and was too tired to post, so I’m doing it this morning instead!

Fun Stuff

I came across a really cute shop on Etsy today! Michelle’s Carm World is packed full of cute necklaces, bracelets, pins and rings. I can’t even begin to try to pick my favorite out of the bunch! I mean, just look at how cute the above necklaces are! Strawberry tea pot and Box of Chocolates – cute!


Yesterday I put in an effort to eat more “real” meals as opposed to the snack-ish types of meals I normally eat. I also tried to cut down on the amount of fruit I normally eat due to the article I’d read in the newspaper about fructose increases belly fat.

I noticed a couple of things from eating this way. First of all, I am a sweet kind of person. I love fruit and like how it adds that bit of sweet to my meals. Cutting out fruit and mostly eating stuff that wasn’t very sweet instantly gave me a craving for sweet stuff that I had to battle all day! I was actually craving fruit. Second, eating this way is just not for me, I can’t do it. Although I stayed within the recommended amount of calories, I felt stuffy and too full all day long from this food. And although I felt full I didn’t feel satisfied. I was having cravings for all kinds of things despite feeling overly full. As so many people have pointed out – everyone is different, which is why one diet is never going to work for all people. For me, eating like I did yesterday just does not work. I feel uncomfortable and overly stuffed. I like eating smaller meals that make me feel comfortably full, not overly full.

So, here’s what I ate yesterday:

10:20am Breakfast. Oats with 1 scoop of soy protein powder mixed in, topped with muesli mix, a little bit of peanut butter and a splash oat milk. This was actually very good.

2:10pm Lunch. I made a kind of coleslaw mixing green and purple cabbage, red onion and parsley with some strong mustard, plain soy yoghurt and some spices. It was good! On the side I had a wrap filled with smoked tofu, iceberg lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, Tofutti vegan cream cheese and cucumber. I was SO full after this, very uncomfortably full.

5:30pm Dinner. For dinner I made a portion of quinoa with fried zucchini and white button mushrooms with some fresh basil mixed in. On the side I had some organic green olives with a sliced tomato. Again, this left me feeling uncomfortably full and not satisfied at all.

8:40pm Evening snack. To satisfy my cravings after a day of eating stuff that just made me feel uncomfortable I had my first fruit of the day – a small apple dusted with cinnamon. I also had a carob covered rice cracker. This hit the spot and finally I felt completely satisfied! This was what had been missing all day, that little bit of sweet.

Total calories: 1 112 kcal

Powerwalk 40 minutes
100 crunches
25 dubell lifts


3 thoughts on “Yesterday’s eats

  1. I really really don’t think you need to worry about fruit making you fat. Yes, eating too much of anything can make you gain weight but, to gain just one pound of belly fat (or anywhere fat) you would have to consume 3500 calories MORE than your reccomended daily amount. That is like eating 35 bananas or 70 peaches! The 3-5 pieces of fruit you eat a day will not increase your belly fat.

    I do know what you mean about feeling too full actually makes you want to eat more and binge. I’ve found that eating heavier foods during the day makes me more inclined to binge because I hate feeling that full. It’s so twisted and weirs but hey…whatever works!

    I love your new tea mug by the way!

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