The fruit is back!

Thank you for all your great advice about how to get motivated to exercise! You had some awesome tips and it got me motivated to go for an hour long powerwalk today!


Clipper decaffinated green tea

Clipper recently switched things up a bit and dressed their teabags in snazzy new boxes and were nice enough to send me a sample box of decaffinated green tea. Having enjoyed several cups the past few days I present to you – my review!

The visual: The new packages are adorable! I love the pretty lettering, the cute illustrations and the vibrant colors. Not only that, but a quick look on their website reveals several new flavors that have me squirming with excitement – green tea with strawberry! Now we’re talking!

The flavor: I’ve actually been drinking Clipper’s organic decaffinated green tea for a couple of years now, so I consider myself a bit of a decaf expert by now. For that reason, I have strong suspisions that they’ve improved not only their packaging but also the contents of said boxes. I’ll admit that I, in the past, somtimes would cringe a bit as I downed my three cups a day. I found the flavor to be a little too bitter (I’d drink it anyway knowing how good it is for me!) Maybe I’ve just learned how to brew my cup o tea more successfully or they’re doing something differently at the Clipper factory. This time around, I’ve enjoyed every cup of my decaffinated green tea,  sans cringes or any other type of negative reflexes.

Overall: A big thumbs up! I appreciate Clipper teas not only for being organic and fairtrade but also for being one of (surprisingly) few to produce a decaffinated green tea.


9:50am Breakfast. Two rice crackers with Tofutti vegan cream cheese and alfalfa sprouts, a bowl of fruit: an apple, strawberries and two prunes.

1:05pm Lunch. A wrap with smoked tofu, baby spinach, alfalfa sprouts and Tofutti vegan cream cheese. And a bowl of plain soy yoghurt, an apple, strawberries and two prunes.

5pm Dinner. A salad: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, baby spinach, white button mushroom, sundried tomatoes and topped with soy yoghurt/mustard-dressing. I had a carrot on the side instead of in the salad.

6pm Dessert. After dinner, things got slightly out of hand and I binged. I first had a bowl of “rice cream” (rice milk ice cream). This bowl is teeny by the way, about the size of my palm. I then had another portion of ice cream that was a little bit smaller than this one. And then there was more snacking…

Snacking. The same bowl with some muesli mix, penuts and rice milk. I had seconds of this minus the nuts and plus about 1/2 tbs of raisins. Then I had another small handful of peanuts and two prunes.

Total Calories today: 1 469 kcal

1h powerwalk
100 crunches

Needless to say, I have been having a pretty bad day today which I know was part of the reason why I binged this evening. I was bored and unhappy. Following my binge, my mom got home and I broke down and cried for a good hour. This is a common occurence in my life, unfortunately. As I’ve told you already my life isn’t all that… happy. I’m working on it and hoping things will get better but this is something I have been struggling with for a very long time and it has only got worse. And that’s all I’ll say about that for now…


3 thoughts on “The fruit is back!

  1. 1469 calories in a day is NOT A BINGE! That is in the lower end of “normal” eating…

    I hope everything is ok. You know my e-mail if you need to vent or rant or talk :)

  2. 1469 calories in a day is NOT A BINGE! That is in the lower end of “normal” eating…

    I hope everything is ok. You know my e-mail if you need to vent or rant or talk :)
    BTW I love your blog!

  3. I totally understand the feeling of eating more than you want to, but i definitely don’t think you should beat yourself up for binging, since it just sounds like you had a little more snacking than you like. your calorie counts sound right just for average eating, really!!! if you had said 2,500 then i would have said you ate too much probably. im sorry though that you ate more because of emotions. i do the same thing and it is frustrating because there is a root that is more than just food based, and then the real challenge has to do with being happy and nothing to do with food! i hope you are feeling better today :)

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