Erin, the peanut butter genius

I’m feeling a little bit uninspired today so I don’t really have much to blog about aside from food and some exercise. Hope you guys aren’t getting sick of my boring blogs. Sorry I haven’t been around to your blogs in a while, I’ll try to surf around a bit this evening!


10:05am Breakfast. Two rice crackers with Tofutti vegan cream cheese and alfalfa sprouts, a bowl of two kiwis, some strawberries and topped with a little bit of musli mix for some crunch. One of the reasons why I so rarely eat musli/cornflakes is because I seem to get very bloated from it. I thought it might be different this time around but I feel like I’m having the same symptoms as I always do. I just don’t get what it is in the musli that makes me feel bloated.

1:40pm Lunch. I made my usual lunch minus a couple of components. Plain soy yoghurt with nothing in it and a wrap with Tofutti vegan cream cheese, some mustard, lettuce, cucumber and alfalfa. I love the crispiness of iceberg lettuce.

4:45pm Dinner. I was hungry for dinner rather early today. I made my usual salad (lettuce, tomato, red onion, one mushroom, cucumber) and mixed in a little bit of quinoa and topped it with yoghurt and balsamic vinegar. This held me over for about two seconds, so I made…

Dinner. A small bowl of organic brown rice and wakame noodles, mixed in some garlic, fresh basil and about 1/2 tbs of avocado oil. It was good but not as flavorful as I would have hoped.

6:45pm Dessert. When Erin heard of my carob covered rice crackers she instantly offered me her genius advice and suggested I slather these babies in some peanut butter (true Erin-style). So, I decided tonight was THE  night to do this, and let me tell you… it was so good it should be illegal! All credit to Erin! Oh snap, I just thought of an even better combo – WHY didn’t I put cinnamon on top of this!? This was my last carob covered rice cracker too… ah well, next time!

Total calories today: 1 036 kcal

1h powerwalk
40 minutes bicycling (tons of uphills!)
100 crunches


5 thoughts on “Erin, the peanut butter genius

  1. Your blog isn’t boring. I love reading about what you’ve eaten, it gives me ideas for my meals, especially when I’m trying to keep calories low.

  2. Thanks shawty for your comment! I’ve never heard of avocado oil but am now seriously intrigued! I need to find it and make it my own! And basil makes everything betta!!

  3. ahh!! I love the fresh and rawness of your meals. I need to wean off my packaged snacks!! I’ve never tried avocado oil, but i can imagine it being fragrant and tasty…or does it not have any flavor???

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