A new dress

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Remember those cool metal shutter shades I mentioned in my last post? I did some searching online to try to find something similar and came across these from Colette. They’re ridiculously expensive (over $200) and nothing I will be dropping any dough on but I thought I’d share anyway. Also, many of you have probably seen the chain shades Beyonce was recently sporting as well. Some might call them crazy or downright silly but I think they’re kind of cool. Imagine wearing  a pair of these shades for going out to some club. How fab wouldn’t that be?


I was running almost all day yesterday so these are yesterday’s eats (might be obvious).

10:15am Breakfast. 1/2 pear in plain soy yoghurt with 1 tbs ground flaxseed. I whole grain quinoa rice cracker with Tofutti vegan cream cheese and cucumber.

After breakfast I went with mom to some flea market places that are nearby where we live and only open on Saturdays. Then I headed to the mall to check some things out and then went to town to go to the organic shop I usually go to. I hadn’t been in forever so I bought quite a bit of stuff. Here’s the groceries!

In the bunch: Clipper Green tea with ginseng, strawberry rice cream (rice milk ice cream), vanilla rice cream, peanut butter, sprouted date bread, Amy’s bean burritos (x3), Carob covered rice crackers (x2), Tofu papricano, sundried tomatoes, goji and lucuma RAW chocolate bar(!)

I got home kind of late from running all my errands so I whipped up lunch right away. I knew exactly what I wanted to make!

3:30pm Lunch. A flatbread filled with iceberg lettuce and my “tofu egg salad” (silken firm tofu mixed with mustard, fresh parsley, salt n’ pepa and mashed up). I also had a kiwi on the side.

Just to illustrate, this is what it looked like before rolling it up. Let me tell you, this is delish!

After lunch I was out the door again to go for an hour powerwalk. I mixed in some running too and during my walk I decided I wanted to go back to the mall and buy a dress I’d seen. So I got home and literally threw off my walking clothes, threw on my “normal” clothes and ran out the door again to catch the next bus to the mall (I had 30 minutes before the mall closed). The reason I thought it was neccessary to run and buy the dress in the last minute was because I had plans to go out last night and see a friend who was performing at a club, my plans that unfortunately fell through though. Ah well, at least I have a pretty dress for future outings! (I’ll try to remember to show you a picture of it in my next post)

When I got home I did some blog-reading and general net-surfing and then eventually made dinner. When I am busy like this I don’t really get hungry so dinner was really late.

7:40pm Dinner. A small salad (iceberg lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, tomato, sundried tomato) topped with some balsamic vinegar (no oil). On the side I had a whole grain quinoa rice cracker with two slices of my new “Tofu Papricano” that I bought at the organic shop, it’s good! I also had two small carrots on the side.

By the time I’d finished dinner I knew I wasn’t going to be going out to see my friend perform so I decided to go and rent a movie and get some “naturgodis” (directly translated as “nature candy”) to “cheer myself up”. This turned out to be a bad plan because as usual it escalated to a binge.

Anyway, the movies I wanted to rent (Twilight or Rachel Getting Married) were all already rented by someone else so I got the only other option that seemed interesting – Yes Man!

9pm Dessert. I had a cup of blueberry tea and my “naturgodis” with the movie. “Naturgodis” is a mix of various yoghurt and chocolate covered nuts and dried fruits (raisins, strawberries, apple pieces, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, cashews etc.).  I’ll admit that I didn’t dare show you guys the whole amount I actually ate… there was a lot (though I did improve a bit, I tried hard not to go overboard  at the store and actually managed to geta little less than I usually do). After eating all that sweet stuff I needed something salty and wound up munching way too much, the candy alone was already too much. This is generally how it goes, I have candy which gives me an overdose of sugar and then I can’t stop myself from trying to counteract the sugar high with salty stuff and suddenly I realize I’ve eaten way too much…

On a lighter note, I thought Yes Man! was a pretty good movie.

Total calories: –
(i.e. WAY too much!)

1h30min powerwalking and running
100 crunches


One thought on “A new dress

  1. dont fret about a few extra calories
    dollface. you were running around
    all day yesterday. your body for sure
    need the extra fuel. looks delicious!

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