Fashion show and busy day

I got up this morning and grabbed some breakfast before heading out the door to go to a meeting with the magazine I work for. Oh, and this morning when I was going to make breakfast I tried the food scale again (the broken one that I damaged by washing it) and it worked! Hah! Figures huh?

09:05am Breakfast. One whole grain rice cracker with two slices tofu papricano, plain soy yoghurt with ground flaxseed and 1/2 banana.

After my meeting I met up with my sister and we did some walking around town. Went to a chinease shop to check out the fun products they have (I love checking out food from other countries). It was going on noon by the time I met her so we were both hungry for lunch and finally (after considering several places) decided to go to Örtagården, a vegetarian buffet with wonderful food. I had a plate of the salads, a few bites of a small bread roll and a plate of the warm foods. I left food on my plate and I’d guesstimate lunch was around 550 kcal. No pictures, sorry.

Then my sister and I headed to the fashion show. I snapped some photos, as always, so I’ll post one here to make up for not having a lunch photo:

After the fashion show we headed home and I contemplated going for my powerwalk but opted out of it because I was hungry for dinner and it’s been freezing cold here today.

5pm Dinner. A salad (lettuce, 1/2 tomato, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, sundried tomato) with soy yoghurt+mustard dressing. I had a carrot and a rice cracker on the side.

8pm Dessert. I wasn’t planning on having any dessert since I’d eaten out for lunch but decided on a small bowl of rice cream with my sis in the evening. This is a small scoop each of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry rice cream.

Total calories: 1 008 kcal
(Lunch is guesstimated)

Walking around in town all day
100 crunches

Gotta hit the sack, I have an early appointment tomorrow morning and then errands to run. I hope you are having a lovely monday! Fingers crossed the weather is warmer and sunnier tomorrow so I can go for my powerwalk!


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