I love Stieg Larsson’s books

I’m just about to go curl into bed with this new book I am reading, it’s SO exciting. It’s called The Girl Who Played With Fire and is very famous. It’s the second book in the “Millenium”-series and is written by the Swedish author Stieg Larsson. Obviously I’m reading it in Swedish. I read the first book a couple of weeks ago and literally couldn’t put that sh!t down and the second book isn’t dissapointing. I hate that good books have to come to an end though!

I had an appointment early this morning and when I got home from that I threw together some breakfast.

9:40am Breakfast. A bowl of plain soy yoghurt with 1 tbs ground flaxseed and a kiwi. Two slices date bread with peanut butter. A cup of green tea with ginseng.

After digesting breakfast I went for my powerwalk/jog for an hour. I got home and then headed out again for an hour long powerwalk to the mall and grocery store to run some errands. When I got back home I whipped up lunch.

1:35pm Lunch. I had a flatbread with Tofutti vegan cream cheese, lettuce, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts and plain tofu. On the side I had a small peeled and sliced apple.

5:40pm Dinner. For dinner I made my usual salad (iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sundried tomato and a sliced mushroom). Today I topped it with plain tofu that I tossed with some fresh parsley and mustard. And I had a carrot on the side.

8pm Evening snack. For an evening snack I downed some protein! The glass of what looks like a milky something-or-other in the back there is rice milk mixed with a scoop of organic vanilla soy protein powder. I also had a cup of blueberry tea and a small peeled and sliced apple.

Total calories: 935 kcal

Exercise today:
1h powerwalk (+jogging)
1h powerwalk to and from mall
100 crunches

Tomorrow should be a fun day. In the afternoon I’m probably meeting my friend to go for a walk with her dog. Then in the evning I’m going out for a drink (or a few) with the guy I was supposed to see in concert on Saturday. He texted me sort of out of the blue today and asked if I wanted to go for a drink some day this week since he’s still in town. We’ll probably go by the club/restaurant/café that my sister works at because there’s a concert there tomorrow night, and it’s just a great place in general. Maybe I’ll wear my new dress!


9 thoughts on “I love Stieg Larsson’s books

  1. Yo PB looks so white! What kind is it? And woopwoop for going out with a dime piece outfit! Rock it GIRLFRIEND!

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