Finding my balance

Hope you are all having a warm, sunny and relaxing Sunday! My Sunday has been pretty busy just like the rest of my weekend, but I’ll get to that later. First, I want to talk about my eating, with regards to one of my previous posts that recieved a couple of comments with varying concerns about my daily calorie-intake.

I want to make it clear that I appreciate all of your comments and I am not at all offended when you offer me constructive critism or advice. You are a bunch of very smart cookies and I do take all of your advice into consideration and have been applying a lot of it to my life lately.

One reader saw my low calorie intake from Thursday and commented that my blog cannot be considered a healthy food blog and that I suffer from an “eating disorder not otherwise specified” (also referred to as EDNOS). As I very often mention in my posts, I am completely aware of the fact that I have problems with my eating and the way I view food. One of the main reasons I started this blog was because I saw its potential to work as a tool to help me improve my eating habits and become more healthy and especially, have a healthier view of food. Only I can know how much it has helped me improve. And I have seen some major improvements in the way I eat. Before starting this blog I was restricting my food intake tremendously (yes, much more than I am today, and I know that the way I eat today would still be considered restricting). Although I know I still eat too little many days and have my “bad days” when I binge or overeat, I have noticed an improvement. I’m more aware of what I need, I’ve started drinking protein shakes to make sure I get extra protein, I fight every day to try to eat more than 1 000 calories without that being scary and I am much more positively inclined to the idea of eating more food.

Still, it is important to point out that this is not something I am doing on purpose. It is not something I can control or turn on or off as I please. If I could eat normal, trust me, I would have been doing so all along. Struggling with food, something that is both vital and a factor one must face several times a day is not something I enjoy in the least. I cannot tell you how many times I have cried my eyes out wishing I could just eat “normal” and not have binges followed by days I feel like I shouldn’t eat anything at all. I am fighting, every single day, but this isn’t something that just “blows over” because you want it to. All you can do is keep fighting and enjoy the days when you’re stronger than the thoughts provoking you and hang on to the hope that one day you’ll be strong like everyone else that doesn’t have to think or worry about food.

I’d also like to point out that I do eat until I feel full, some days I’m so busy running around that I don’t have time to sit down and have a meal several times a day so my food-intake is a little lower than other days. And then there are the days when I have nothing to do and feel bored and miserable and wind up munching all day long and overeating. Because of that, my average calorie-intake lands at around 1 400 kcal a day, believe it or not. And let’s not forget that everyone is different. One type of diet is never going to have the same results on everyone, one persons calorie needs is never going to be the same as another. In the end, all we can do is listen to our own bodies and eat what are bodies are telling us they need at that time.

Alright, enough about that for now. Let’s talk about what I did this sunny Sunday and then I’ve got to hit the sack! So, I got up this morning in a sundrenched bedroom and whipped up some brekkie that I enjoyed while peering out the window at the sunny sky.

10:05am Breakfast. Two slices of date bread with Tofutti vegan cream cheese, plain soy yoghurt with a kiwi and ground flaxseed.

After breakfast I sat on the porch and read my book for a while as I let my food digest. Then I strapped on my jogging shoes and went out for an hour long powerwalk and jog. It was hot out there! I got home and jumped in the shower and then moisturized with some lovely lotion followed by some more time in tha sun with my book. Eventually, I made lunch.

14:15 Lunch. A wrap (big surprise!) with plain tofu, Tofutti vegan cream cheese, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, herb salt n’ tripple pepper. With 1/4 galia melon (le yum) and a soy protein shake (I just mixed the protein powder with water today and some ice cubes, turned out surprisingly fine-tasting).

After lunch I did my makeup and then hopped on my bike to skiddle over to a home for terminally ill patients (cancer, aids etc.) to volunteer in the kitchen this evening. It was my first time trying out there so I went around with another volunteer. I worked from 4pm-7pm preparing the dinner and then washing up. It’s a gorgeous home and my mom works there extra some days and nights (she’s a nurse). I might start volunteering there now and then just to have something to do on slow days. The home is especially pretty during the spring and summer because they’ve got a huge garden where they grow their own tomatoes and stuff and the chef that comes in and makes the food makes great vegetarian meals and stuff plus bakes all the bread and cakes himself! Us volunteers don’t get to be a part of that though, we just come in and warm up and prepare the meals he has already made.

Anyway, I got home kind of late-ish and wasn’t feeling anything but yoghurt mess. Ya know how sometimes you just want something quick, easy and that you know you love? So, yoghurt mess it was!

7:25pm Dinner. Plain soy yohurt with a small apple peeled and diced in and about 1/2 cup mango pieces. And a cup of green tea with ginseng.

After dinner I did some email checking and bloggin and at 9:15pm on Sunday’s is Nip/Tuck so I whipped out some dessert to have with that.

9:15pm Dessert. I bought one of the new Ben&Jerry’s flavors the other day! Mango Berry Swirl. It’s tasty but I’ll admit I mostly got it because I was excited about it being VEGAN! Yup, and because it’s sorbet it’s very low calorie. Great stuff. So, I had some slabs of this for dessert with Nip/Tuck.

Total calories: 877 kcal

1h powerwalk and jog
20 minute bikeride
100 crunches


3 thoughts on “Finding my balance

  1. Maybe it would be better if you were to not post your calories. I’m totally for keeping a record of your daily calories (I do it myself) but if you’re getting so many negative comments maybe it would be best it that part is left out? Your meals always look delicious and I’m sure most people visit your blog for that reason rather than to see how many calories you ate that day.

    ps- I got Soy Yogurt today and thought of you! Haha :)

  2. I’d probably have to agree with the comment above. I definitely don’t have any judgments because I know it can be an ENORMOUS mental and emotional struggle to eat above some given number of calories, but at the same time, I feel like posting the low calorie intakes might be triggering for others. Maybe calculate it for yourself, but just don’t publish the number in your post? But I guess it’s also important to do whatever has the best positive effect on your progress, so if posting your calorie counts helps that, keep to it.

    In the end, this is YOUR blog! :)

  3. I know I started this blog to keep track of my eating and make sure that I can maintain my weight in a healthy way, and stay exciting about eating food and enjoyed healthy food too! I say do whatever you feel comfortable and use this blog as a support system!

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