Rainy day go away!

My mood is so affected by the weather. It has rained non-stop all day long which has left me in a very bad mood. I haven’t been able to go out for my powerwalk or jog today because of the aggrivatingly gray weather. I’ve literally been sitting around on my butt all day reading, surfing the net and watching TV. This sucks! I’m so annoyed right now and have been all day, I hate it!

I’ll get right to my foods because I might have an outburst soon and I need to hit the sack anyway and hopefully wake up to better weather, so that I can do my much needed exercise! I hate the way it makes me feel to just sit around like a lazy bum all day.

10:20am Breakfast. Two slices of date bread with Tofutti vegan cream cheese, plain soy yoghurt with 1 tbs ground flaxseed and 1/8 galia melon.

2pm Lunch. My usual wrap but I put SO much iceberg lettuce in it today that I could hardly roll it up! I just love the crunchiness of iceberg lettuce in a wrap. Aside from the lettuce there was Tofutti vegan cream cheese, cucumber and plain tofu in this. On the side I had a 1/8-slice of  a galia melon and a little bit of leftover mango.

6pm Dinner. For dinner I had an all-veggie soup with coconut milk and a half of a slice of rye bread. My mom made the soup and I was in a really bad mood for dinner so I didn’t even feel like eating at all and just wasn’t in the mood to take a photo of the food.

8:45pm Evening snack. For an evening snack I had a carob covered rice cracker with a cup of blueberry tea.

I won’t list my total calorie-intake today as some of you pointed out that doing so can be triggering for others, since my calories are rather low. This is a thought that has crossed my mind a few times and the last thing I want to do is have that affect someone in a negative manner. The reason I have been posting my total calorie-intake per day is because, as mentioned, I’ve been using this blog mostly as a tool for myself to improve my eating habits so it’s been important for me to include the calorie informaiton, from now on I’ll just make a private note of that instead of posting it in public.

Exercise today:
No cardio because of the pooey rainy day!
100 crunches


4 thoughts on “Rainy day go away!

  1. my mood is super influenced by the weather too!
    but i looooove rainy days. any excuse for a day
    where i have to just lay in bed all day is fine by me.

    hope tomorrow is a sunshiney day for you sweetums!

  2. I love your little duck mug! And that carob covered thing looks suriously bossay!

    My mood can be affected by the weather too! Actually, it always is! I never realized it until we had rainstorms for 2 weeks straight and I knew I could never live in Seattle!

  3. Tina,
    I understand your decision to not post calorie counts, and sympathize with readers who are triggered by them, but do you think that you could possibly continue posting them, though in white text? I am so curious to see, but do not wish to offend those who would rather not.


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