A Swedish dessert

I was too tired to blog last night so I’m doing it this morning instead. I just got back from my powerwalk/jog and am happy to inform the world that the sun has returned! It’s rather cloudy but the sun is peeking out every now and then and at least it’s stopped raining!

I’m actually just on my way out the door to go in to town and meet my brother in one of the big malls in town where he has a special exhibition going on right now. Together with a couple of people in his University class they’ve made this really interesting exhibition so I’m going to go support him!  Oh! Speaking of – he just texted me and told me to hurry up and come and meet him!

Wednesday 20th May

10:00am Breakfast: No surprises here. Some plain soy yoghurt with a kiwi and 1 tbs of ground flaxseed along with two “Rån” (thin rye crackers) with Tofutti vegan cream cheese. And a cup of green tea with aloe vera.

2pm Lunch. Again, no real surprise. However I did fill the wrap with silken tofu (which was so silken it made the wrap rather soggy), iceberg lettuce, cucumber and Tofutti vegan cream cheese. On the side I had a carrot and a protein shake (ProSoy with soy milk).

6:05pm Dinner. I haven’t had a salad in a while so I whipped up this yummy salad yesterday. I mixed iceberg lettuce, 1/2 tomato and cucumber with some silken tofu, salt n’ pepa and mustard and mushed it all together. Turned out great! Might not look so good though… On the side I had two thin rye crackers, plain.

After dinner my sister started talking about doing something fun for dessert and boy did that turn out to be a project! It took my mom, sister and I a good hour and a half to finally decide what to have for dessert while watchign Gray’s Anatomy. We had so many ideas and wanted a little bit of everything that we just couldn’t decide. It started out with Ben&Jerry’s then ideas of cheese and crackers, wine, cookies, chips, cheese doodles, candy, nuts… you name it(!) followed. Finally my sister and I just went to the grocery store and tried to make up our minds there but that only made it so much harder. We walked around in the store forever trying to decide, the people working there must have thought we were nuts. Finally we just picked something and went with a rather classic swedish dessert. Ice cream with nyponsoppa and minibiskvier.

9pm Dessert. So, let me try to explain what this is: vanilla ice cream (I used my rice cream) with rosehip “soup” (it’s like a thick, soup-like consistency and a lot of people eat it as it is with a little bit of milk as a snack) and mini almond biscuits. It’s delicious. I overdid it on the mini almond biscuits and you better believe I went back for a couple of more handfuls of those later. They’re not vegan (they’ve got eggwhites in them) but as you know, I splurge sometimes.

Exercise Wednesday:
1h powerwalk/jog
100 crunches

Alright, gotta run!


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