Sushi dinner

Quick post today because I don’t have that many pictures to show.

I got up this morning and had my brekkie-boo.

10:10am Breakfast. Two thin rye crackers with Tofutti vegan cream cheese, soy yoghurt with a kiwi and a tablespoon of ground flaxseed.

Then I headed out on a long powerwalk with my sister, we walked for an hour and twenty minutes. In the rain. Yes, it so conveniently started raining every so slightly about ten minutes into our walk and by the time we got home it was really coming down. Not pouring rain but raining enough to make my hair all frizzy-dizzy by the time I got home.

I had planned to go in to town to run some errands but looking out the window and seeing that sad gray weather made me opt out of that. So I lounged, read my book a bit, played some piano and eventually made le lunch.

14:25pm Lunch. Surprise! Not. A flatbread with iceberg lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, Tofutti vegan cream cheese and silken tofu with pepper-mix and herb salt all rolled up into a wrap. And a chunky carrot on the side plus some extra power in the form of ProSoy-powder and soy milk.

My dad called this afternoon to ask if I wanted to come and meet him and my sis and bro for dinner, so I headed into town around 7pm to meet up with them. We went to this sushi restaurant that has the most amazing sushi ever. I had nine pieces of vegetarian sushi (two pieces with avocado, one with wakame algae, three rolls with tofu and pumpkin in them, one tofu, one esparagus and one with pumpkin on top), with dinner I also had about 3/4 glass of rosé wine and about four pods of edamame beans. Sorry, no pictures.

Exercise today:
1h 20 min powerwalk
100 crunches

Hope you are having a fantastic Friday! What ya’ll up to?


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