Quick post

I’m SO exhausted this eveing, I don’t know why. I guess I’ve been doing a lot of running around today and it’s been really warm weather. Either way I feel totally pooped. So I’m going to hit the sack after this post!

11:10am Breakfast. Plain soy yoghurt with a tablespoon ground flaxseed and a kiwi. Two thin rye crackers with cucumber and alfalfa sprouts. A cup of green tea with aloe vera.

After breakfast I went for my powerwak and run and then got home, took a shower and soaked in the sun for a bit. Then headed over to the grocery store to pick up some groceries for mom and to buy more flatbread, I was totally out and obviously needed it for my lunch. The groceries were SO heavy and I powerwalked all the way there and back as usual.

4pm Lunch. Late lunch since I was so busy running around. Wrap with tofutti vegan cream cheese, lettuce, cucumber and smoked tofu. A carrot on the side and a protein shake (soy protein powder + soy milk today).

8pm Evening snack. I had a lovely fruit plate for an evening snack. An apple sliced up, two strawberries and a little less than 1/8 galia melon. Oh, and a cup of true blueberry tea!!

Exercise today:
1h powerwalk/jog
40 minute powerwalk to and from grocery store with heavy groceries
100 crunches

Question: I’ve had some requests to keep posting my daily calorie intake. I am still keeping track and would actually prefer to list it in my blog but I thought I’d ask what you think first. Yay or nay?


3 thoughts on “Quick post

  1. This is your blog and if you feel like it keeps you healthy and helps you make the right decisions, go for it shawty! :)

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