Remember rockstar guy?

This evening I went to see rockstar guy perform with the band he’s in. They had their album release this eveing so they had a special event at one of the fancy bars in town. I really love their music and I had a nice time seeing them perform. They did four of the songs off their new album. They’ve been recieveing SO much great press with their new album and have been performing on several TV and radio shows. The big newspapers and magazines have run interviews with them and given them fantastic reviews. I’m so happy for them!

Anyway, I’ll walk you through today in order and get to more about this evening later.

09:55am Breakfast. Soy yoghurt with ground flaxseed and a yellow kiwi (I love yellow kiwis!), a thin rye cracker with cucumber and alfalfa sprouts, 1/8 slice of a galia melon.

After breakfast the little angel and devil that sit on each of my shoulders had a bit of an argument about whether or not I should go for my powerwalk/jog today. Little devil was arguing that the weather was less than ideal for a powerwalk/jog (gray, cold and windy), but little angel made sure to point out that I’d promised myself I would exercise every single day this week no matter what – even if it rained! I let little angel win because… well, it’s unfair to let her loose all the time. I cursed the chilly wind during my walk though but by the end of it the sun was coming out and the rest of the day was pretty decend (minus the chilly wind).

I attempted to sit in the sun for a bit but that only left me with the chills from the persistent wind, so eventually I made some lunch.

02:05pm Lunch. Le wrap with Tofutti vegan cream cheese, lettuce, cucumber and smoked tofu plus some mixed pepper spice. Yum!! And a sliced crunchy apple.

05:20pm Dinner. This ensamble was put together for dindin. A small salad (lettuce, 1/3 tomato, 1 small carrot and some cucumber) that I just tossed in some balsamic vinaigrette (no oil) and an Amy’s bean burrito (love them!)

Then my sister and I got dolled up and headed out to the concert and release party. We each had a Cidraie.

The concert was great, but unfortunately I never actually got a chance to talk to rockstar guy. During the concert he spotted me through the ridiculously crowded bar and smiled at me several times. Which made me feel all special, sort of. After the performance I spotted him through the crowd but it was so hard to get through to where he was standing and he was busy chatting with two groupies girls so my sister and I called it an early night and headed home. Rockstar guy just sent me a text now to ask if I was still there, at the bar. I explained that I’d tried to get to him but couldn’t but that I thought the concert was great. He said he’d looked for me but couldn’t find me, but that at least we got to see eachother during the concert (Aha! I wasn’t just imagining that he’d locked eyes with me!) and that he’ll be back in town on Sunday so we’ll talk then… Okay, now keep your pants on people, he’s a nice guy but we’re just friends! I know I make it sound like it’s more than that but that’s only because I think he’s super cute and I might just a little bit wish that it could be more than it can be or is (did I just say type that out loud?).


3 thoughts on “Remember rockstar guy?

  1. sounds like a blast! i hope you get what you want out of your for-now-friendship lol. how did u get those carrots so perfect and thinly sliced?

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