Surprise birthday lunch for my mom!

Phew! I have been planning and re-planning a surprise birthday thing for my mom. It started out as a birthday dinner party and I had invited my brother and his girlfriend but because my mom kept changing her schedule I was forced to find every imaginable excuse and really work some magic to get everything together. It worked out great in the end though. Her original plan was to have a birthday dinner this eveing but I told my sister to say she was working and wouldn’t be home and I told my brother to tell her he couldn’t come for whatever reason. She had a meeting this morning and I had told her I was going to make a lunch for her when she came home. When she got home my brother and sister and I were all waiting and jumped out and screamed “Surprise!” She was so shocked! I’ve got a ton of pictures to show you from today so let’s get to it…

My sister and I got up this morning and had breakfast before heading over to the grocery store to buy some neccessary ingredients for the surprise lunch. It was pouring rain!

09:25am Breakfast. That’s my usual yoghurt (soy yoghurt with a kiwi and ground flaxseed), only I took the picture after I’d mixed it all together. On the side I had a thin rye cracker with cucumber and alfalfa sprouts and 1/8 of a small-ish galia melon.

I took this picture this morning just because I think it looks so pretty. We’ve always got a really lot of fruit at home but we’ve been stocking up extra much this week on melons and fun fruits because they’re finally coming into season here. Yum!

When my sister and I got home from the grocery store we started fixing everything for the lunch. I ran around and picked up and decorated the place with balloons and set the table all nice while my sister made the big Monsoon salad we were having for lunch. Here she is demonstrating how I made the “string”-carrots in my salad yesterday since someone asked how I got them like that. Simply peel the carrot!

Here’s the finished Monsoon salad it’s got lettuce, spinach, carrot, mango, strawberries, clementine and cranberries in it. My sister also made a great kind of sweet balsamic dressing to go with it and on the side we had…

…some extra mango and strawberries to add in/on and walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, shredded coconut and pumpkin seeds (all roasted). We had the nuts on the side because my brother is allergic to nuts but normally they’d go right on the salad. On the side we also had a lovely baguette, some blue cheese and the dressing along with some bubbly fruit sweetened water that we poured into glasses with frozen raspberries.

And this was dessert! My mom has mentioned this Valrhona cake several times and said she wants to try it so my sister and I decided we’d get it for her birthday. It was divine! Soooo deep chocolate. This cake is tiny-ish (about the size of my hand with my fingers spread out). I had a portion of the monsoon salad with dressing and nuts on, and a piece of baguette with (gasp!) blue cheese on (yes, I eat non-vegan sometimes), a glass of bubbly fruit sweetened water (with no added sugar) and a small piece of the cake. It was all lovely!

We had lunch around 1:30pm and I wasn’t hungry at all for the rest of the day. My sister and I went for a walk for 1h and 20 minutes in the afternoon including about 2×12 tricep dips on a bench during our walk and I did my 100 crunches when I got home. Then I did some writing and working on my computer and in the evening I put together a little fruit snack just to eat something basically even though I still didn’t feel hungry!

08:00pm Evening snack. Four tiny strawberries, 1/8 small galia melon, 1 sliced up apple and a cup of Celestial Seasonings honey vanilla chamomile tea.

Exercise today:
1h20min powerwalk
100 crunches
2×12 tricep dips

Thank you all for your opinions about whether or not I should document my calories in the blog. Everyone seemed in favor of me doing so. I’ll start posting my calories as usual again tomorrow as I’ve guesstimated most of my calories today since lunch was a little hard to determine. I’m sure I had well over enough though considering the slice of cake, even if it was small.

Also, just to clarify about rockstar guy – we do actually talk and we hang out together. Haha, I guess I wasn’t clear about that in my last post and made it sound like I’m some kind of groupie or freak stalker or something. No, no, I was friends with him before even finding out he was in a band. We just weren’t able to chat yesterday because he was busy performing and mingling around with everyone who wanted to give him and the band congrats on their new album.

Question of the day: Have you ever planned a surprise party for someone? How did it go?


3 thoughts on “Surprise birthday lunch for my mom!

  1. What a cute cake! i just realized that i always do 100 crunches too. almost every day. how do you split them up? i do 20 regular/10left+10right/20 regular/10+10/20

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