I saw dead people!

Remember I told you guys I got a part in this TV-show and they want me to lie dead in a morgue? In a real morgue with other real dead people, that is. Well, my mom is a nurse so she had suggested that I come to the hospital where she works and she would go down with me to the morgue  so that I could get a heads up of what it’s like and if it felt too uncomfortable I’d have a chance to call the production company and tell them I’d chickened out. So, I went today and sadly someone on the floor my mom works on had just died so I saw that person and then followed my mom and another nurse down to the morgue when they went to put the person there. It’s hard to explain how it was, “scary” seems like the wrong word to describe it although if I’d been closed in there alone with all the bodies I would definitely be sh*tting my pants! But it felt more like… weird. I need to give this some serious thought during the weekend, either way I need to call the production company on Monday to ask them some questions so I’ll make up my mind by then.

Let’s move on to lighter affair, shall we? Yes.

10:25am Breakfast. Got up and had my usual breakfast deal: soy yoghurt with a yellow kiwi and ground flaxseed, galia melon and a thin rye cracker with cucumber, alfalfa sprouts and tomato.

Threw on the running clothes and shoes and headed out the door to meet the lovely weather. Went for my powerwalk and run and then got home to do 110 crunches! Woo! Did some lounging in the sun in my bikini (are you bikini ready? I feel like I’ve still got a ways to go) and eventually made some lunch.

2:10pm Lunch. A carrot, a wrap with Tofutti vegan cream cheese, smoked tofu, cucumber and lettuce. A protein shake with soy protein powder some soy milk and water and shuckup with ice and a pink (red?) straw!

After lunch I did some work on the computer and some blog reading and then I walked over to the hospital to do the whole morgue-deal that I mentioned above.

6pm Dinner. Two thin rye crackers and a salad (lettuce, spinach mix, 1/2 tomato, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts) with some soy yoghurt and strong mustard mixed to make a kind of dressing and then I tossed everything together before putting it in the bowl.

I started watching Hitch on TV while munching on my evening snack…

9pm Evening snack. A carob covered rice cracker (nom, nom, nom), a sliced up apple and two teeny tiny strawberries along with a cup of blueberry tea.

Total calories: 761 kcal

Exercise today:
1h powerwalk and run
110 crunches
15 min walk to hospital and back

What are your weekend plans?
I don’t have any real plans yet, tomorrow I’m going to go and present my idea for a farmers market to some different farmers at a park that is nearby where I live. I emailed a person that’s responsible for the park with my idea and he thought it was great and suggested I try to get the ball rollin’!

I’m also going to go check out this nearby second hand shop with mom in the morning (it open every Saturday), I want to try to find a cork board to put up on my wall and use as my dreamboard/inspiration board. I also have loose plans to meet up with a friend for coffee/tea. We’ll see what all goes down. And Sunday is mother’s day in Sweden!


2 thoughts on “I saw dead people!

  1. hmmm that is such a hard decision to make. I personally am a firm believer in different energy and don’t think I could do that with all the negative energy floating around! I was asked to do this presentation at my school called “Every 15 Minutes” and i was chosen with 5 other girls to pretend we were in a drunk driving accident and my mom would have to write a eulogy and everything! I just couldn’t let my mom to it!!

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