Weekend recap!

Sorry I didn’t update all weekend! It has been absolutely wonderful weather, steamin’ hot and I’ve been lying out in the sun getting myself some color. Since you all know my meals by now (they’re almost always the same) I thought I’d just throw together a quick recap in mini-pictures from this weekends eats.


A very, very sunny and lovely day it was!

I had my usual for breakfast and lunch (that’s pinapple with my lunch, mmm!)

Dinner was light and simple (too hot, ya’ll) sprouted wheat bread and yogurt with apple. Dessert was strawberry rice cream and RAW chocolate! Unfortunately Saturday’s eats did not end well… waaaaay too much ice cream and crap was followed by this.

Total calories Saturday: ??
Exercise Saturday
1h Powerwalk/jog
100 crunches


Here’s a picture I took of my pretty bracelet while I was walking to the grocery store.

Same same but oh so yummm!

Wasn’t very hungry on Sunday because of Saturdays… feast. So dinner turned out to be a little snack followed by yet another snack in the evening.

Total calories Sunday: 811 kcal
Exercise Sunday:
1h powerwalk/jog
100 crunches
40 min powerwalk to and from grocery store

I’ll be back tonight or tomorrow with a recap of today’s eats!


6 thoughts on “Weekend recap!

  1. i’m sorry if you feel bad about eating the ice cream, tina. at least it wasn’t a binge and it tasted good right? i love the little turquoise stones in your bracelet!

  2. Annie: Thanks for your comment, I agree – a little ice cream is fun and fine! I wasn’t referring to the ice cream though, a small portion of ice cream like that would have been fine and nothing I feel bad about, but what I was meaning was there was a LOT more eating after that… (i.e. a binge) stuff that I didn’t take photos of.

  3. Love yo bracelet! Any eating a lot of ice cream is one of my greatest hobbies! Embrace it’s tastiness!

  4. p.s. Irish boys ARE THE CUTEST!!!!! I love how you are still in contact with your lover. YOU have to go visit, seriously! It is the most fun I have ever had in my life! So much dancing and polite Irish men and their accents. I need to go back!

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