I had a meeting today with the magazine I work for. We went over ideas for the upcoming issue and thought of some really fun articles! Some of the articles are going to be quite the experience for sure… haha, I’ll have to tell you more about it later. It was fun to see everyone again, the magazine is only published a few times a year and I do all the work freelance so there’s only a couple of times when everyone is gathered for meetings, planning and such. Some of my colleagues I hadn’t seen in a long time so I was happy to give em’ a squeeze again. We’re such a fun gang!

In other news, it POURED down pretty much all day and this little piglet was freezing her butt off most of the day. Eeek, so chilly! I had my heels on (of course) to go to the meeting and got my feet all wet and frozen but it was so worth it, no doubt, because I looked smokin’.

I had planned to go for my powerwalk and run this morning but the rain said “I don’t think so, miss” and I was in a bit more of a hurry than I thought to get to my meeting at 1pm so I just had breakfast, showered, got dolled up and then was out the door to be the little business woman I am.

10:15am Breakfast. A familiar affair, but so colorful and pretty! An orange slice of cantaloupe, a thin rye cracker with cucumber and alfalfa sprouts, soy yoghurt with a yellow kiwi and ground flaxseeds and green tea.

After my meeting I got home kind of hungry so I threw together lunch/dinner… linner?

3:45pm Lunch/dinner. It’s a wraaaaap! With tofutti cream cheese, plain tofu, lettuce and cucumber plus some herb salt and mixed pepper. An a sliced apple on the side.

After this, I did some blog-surfing and chillaxing and then my sis got home and I overheard her telling my mom she was going for a powerwalk since it had temporarily stopped raining (was still ridic iceicle out though), so I strapped on my joggies and went with her. We powerwalked half way and then ran half way. Plus stopped at a bench and did 10 tricep dips. Woo! When I got home I did 100 crunches and then tended to something that has been on my “To do”-list for a looong time.

I organized my wardrobe! I’m a super neat person and totally superduper organized but my wardrobe has a tendency to go a little… hurricane slash tornado on me. I didn’t think to take a before picture… just imagine this space totally stuffed with clothes piled on top of eachother.

A little closeup. I wrote a “Rainy Days Projects”-list after finishing this and it’s full of all kinds of things I’ve had in the back of my mind to deal with for a long time, like vaccuum and change the lightbulbs that don’t work in the bathroom and clean the other part of my warobe. Now that the weatherlady is promising rainy and cold days the rest of the week I figure I’ll tick a couple of the projects off my list every day! Good stuff.

After finishing this cleaning project it was already late and time to turn the TV on for HOUSE! And by then I was hungry for my evening snack.

8:15pm Evening snack. Carob rice crackers, an apple and a cup of blueberry tea!

I know I haven’t eaten much today, I’m aware of this. I know that isn’t good. I’ve just been really busy and  haven’t felt all that hungry because I’ve been occupied with other things. I know I need to do better and I’m trying. As I do not want to trigger or offend anyone, I am choosing not to document my calorie intake in the blog today.

Exercise today:
15min walk in town
1h10min powerwalk and jog
100 crunches
10x tricep dips

Tomorrow I’m trying out at the job I went for an interview for yesterday! I’m only working three hours in the afternoon but I’m nervous and a little excited. I’ll tell you all about how it went tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Raaaaaaiiinnnn…

  1. I love your closet! Are you a vintage shopper?

    I love when I just click with my co-workers! It makes work so much more fun and makes the time go by so fast!

  2. I love a good rainy day… or two or three. I always end up being nice and productive on those days! Okay not ALWAYS… sometimes rain just calls for a lazy day on the couch watching movies haha.

    Carob rice cakes…? AMAZING. I want.

    Good luck on the job trial run!

  3. Homegirlcaneat: Yes, I shop a bit of vintage now and then but not mainly. I can see how you would get that impression from the photos though, my vintage items do stick out quite a bit ;)

    Kristie: Yesssmmm! Those carob rice crackers are the bomb!

    Annie: Haha, really? I assure you, it’s a real apple!

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