Trying out at a new job

I tried out at the job I’ve applied for today and it went very well! I hope I made a good enough impression and that I get the job. There’s a couple more people that will be trying out for the position so I’ve got some competition, I really hope I get the job though. The boss said she’d let me know within about a week. Fingers crossed now!

Before work I got up to another rain-drenched day and had breakfast.

10:10am Breakfast. The usual: soy yoghurt with a yellow kiwi and ground flaxseed. A thin rye cracker with cucumber and alfalfa sprouts, a slice of cantaloupe (that unfortunately wasn’t ripe enough) and a cup of green tea.

After breakfast I lounged for a bit, then got dressed and ready to go to work. Before heading out the door I made a protein shake to give me power and keep me from getting hungry during my working hours.

12:15pm Protein shake. Soy milk, water and soy protein.

1:00-4:00pm Work. I had a lot of fun working here. Until I know if I got the job or not I’m going to continue to be a little on the DL about what exactly it is. Although this photo pretty much reveals it.

4:45pm Dinner. Got home kind of hungry so I threw together some grub quickly. The usual, again. A wrap with tofutti vegan cream cheese, lettuce, cucumber, spices and plain tofu. On the side I had soy yoghurt with a chopped apple.

After letting my food digest for a bit I went for a quick run since the weather had cleared up and the sun had even come out. I ran for about 30 minutes, a lap around the lake. I’d been sanding and running back and fourth for three hours at work so I was kind of tired.

8:15pm Evening snack. I’m out of carob rice crackers, but I plan to go get some more tomorrow – yay! To compensate I had an organic whole grain quinoa rice cracker with peanut butter and cinnamon. I also sliced up an apple and had a cup of Celestial Seasonings honey vanilla chamomile tea.

Total calories: 813 kcal

Exercise today:
3 hours working
30 min jog/run
100 crunches

I’m totally pooped, have a bit of a headache too so I’m just going to call it a night and cuddle up with my book before hitting the lights. Hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday! See you all again tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Trying out at a new job

  1. hello darling! I didn’t know you lived in Sweden until you commented me something about it! That’s so cool!! I’m so jealous you live in Europe, so close to tons of amazing countries to easily visit! Were you born there or in the US?

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