A day of self-pity.

The reason I was feeling rather sad last night was because early this morning, my mom and sister went on vacation together, without me, to this place…

That’s Greece. Wonderful-beautiful-blue-ocean-white-beach-warm-sunny-weather-Greece. I’m sad for several reasons surrounding this – one) I wasn’t invited along (they decided to go on a trip to spend time together just the two of them) two) they didn’t even tell me they were going until way after they had booked the trip and it was too late for me to even breathe a suggestion of tagging along three) they are on vacation in Greece four) I’m stuck at home in the rain five) I’m all alone six) I need a vacation seven) ultimate self-pity.

So what have I done today on this lonely, gray and rainy day? I have wallowed in self-pity while watching the last two episodes (including the season finale) of The Hills and simultaneously eaten so much that my stomach is officially the size of a hot air balloon now.

P.S Who wants to go on a vacation with me?

(No worries my lovelies, normal updates will resume tomorrow.)

Photo: pixdaus.com


9 thoughts on “A day of self-pity.

  1. I’m sorry babes. I hope you feel better soon.
    I’m totally up for a Vacation! haha.
    Look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.

  2. hey! long time no see girlie! that sucks about the vacation, i would be kinda pissed!!!!! but that just means there is a better, more amazing vacation in store for you. laws of the universe!!! do something nice for yourself today to cheer up, thats what i always do!!

  3. im sorry you didn’t get to go with them, but maybe you can plan your own fab vaca? i know that everyyyyyyone would want to go with u :) xoxo head up girl youre STRONG

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