Thank you!

Thank you all so much for your kind comments and emails, I cannot express how much they mean to me. You guys are so wonderful! I’ve recieved so many sweet messages today and it’s really helped me cope. Reading them and hearing that I’m not alone has really helped – so, again, thank you!

And yes, it does feel rather sh*t that my mom and sister took off on a vacation to Greece without me but… C’est la vie, I guess. They booked the trip without telling me about it and I don’t really know why they were so “sneaky” about it and did not invite me along, that’s another thing that’s making me feel kind of sad.

I’m trying to keep busy as much as possible but it’s the evenings that are hard. I met my brother for coffee yesterday afternoon and then shopped around town a bit. I finally found a board to put on my wall that I can pin various inspiration to, I’ve been looking for this forever.

What do you think? I added a couple of things but will keep adding to it.

Here’s my little workspace at home.

Anyway… I’ve done better today with food, but right around this time is when it usually gets bad. It’s late evening and that’s when I feel the most alone and don’t know how to cope. I plan to go to bed as soon as I’m done blogging though.

10:20am Breakfast. I got up this morning and had a good healthy breakfast. A few slices of melon along with soy yoghurt, a kiwi and ground flaxseed. And a cup of green tea with ginseng.

After breakfast I went out and did some exercise. I ran and powerwalked for an hour and then got home and did 100 crunches.

2:20pm Lunch. My usual wrap with Tofutti vegan cream cheese, plain tofu, lettuce and cucumber along with some herb salt and mixed pepper. On the side I had a really nice crisp green apple.

The rest of the afternoon was very uneventful and boring. Didn’t do much of anything. I finished reading the third and final Stieg Larsson book today, it was awesome. And did some blog-reading and tv-watching. Super lazy Sunday in other words.

6:10pm Dinner. Just threw together a super simple salad for dinner… wasn’t feeling hungry around dinnertime. In the salad: Iceberg lettuce, a tomato, sundried tomatoes, cucumber and a shredded carrot. I topped it with some balsamic vinegar.

8:20pm Evening snack. For an evening snack I had two rice crackers with peanut butter and raw cacao bliss mixed and then topped with cinnamon. And an apple sliced up on the side and blueberry tea.

Total calories today: 728 kcal

Exercise today:
1h powerwalk and jog
100 crunches


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