Spiral vertical eco-greenhouse!

On the news this evening they were talking about this new invention by Plantagon International in collaboration with Sweco, two Swedish companies. It’s a vertical greenhouse which could be placed in the middle of a big city to provide organic produce to the people in the city. This would prevent having to transport food long distances. Awesome, isn’t it? Check out this youtube-video that shows how it works.

The vertical greenhouse. Photo: Sweco

As many of you may have noticed I’m very interested in the environment and organic food etc. So this I think looks like a great invention. Anyway, let’s move on to todays eats.

10:10am Breakfast. Melon, plain soy yoghurt, ground flaxseed, kiwi and green tea with ginseng.

After breakfast I went out for my powerwalk and run and then got home, took a shower, did my makeup and hopped on my bike to go to the grocery store. Got home and made some lunch…

1:40pm Lunch. A wrap with iceberg lettuce, cucumber, plain tofu and tofutti vegan cream cheese. And a crisp green apple on the side.

After lunch I headed into town to go and pick up a gift certificate at a travel bureau for a friend of mine who is getting married this Saturday! Then I stopped by the organic store I usually go to, haven’t been there in ages! I picked up some more carob covered rice crackers as I ran out last week. And you guys – cute guy was working today and we chatted a bit as I payed for my items. He’s so cute!

The weather started looking like it was going to storm this evening, it never did though.

5:50pm Snack. I’ll call this a snack instead of dinner. I wasn’t really feeling dinner so I ended up just putting together a plate of raw broccoli with some pureed garbanzo beans (i.e. homemade “hummus”) and a soy protein shake.

8:20pm Evening snack. Of course I had to have some carob covered rice crackers for an evening snack. Mmm, love! I also sliced up an apple and had a cup of Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea.

Total calories: 797 kcal

Exercise today:
1h powerwalk/run intervals
20 minute bikeride to and from grocery store
20 minute powerwalk in town
100 crunches

I’ve felt so tired today, it’s so weird. Apparently it’s something about this day though because I talked to my friend and she was feeling it too and cute guy at the organic store said the same thing too. I’ve had a hint of a headache off and on all day and I’m starting to feel it again now. I just finished watching the second last episode of the last season of ER and I’m ready to hit the sack. Going to read a bit in a new book I got today and then I’m lights out! I’m getting up kind of early tomorrow morning to go to a fashion event. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful Monday. I’m feeling a little bit better today, I guess I’m getting used to the loneliness. Hugs and kisses to all of you lovelies!


4 thoughts on “Spiral vertical eco-greenhouse!

  1. I loooove me some good cute guys! Totally makes my day when I go to the gym and the hottie is at the front desk swiping my card! haha! I hope you are feeling better darling!

  2. that greenhouse idea is amazing.. i wish we could have something like that over here.. it would be perfect!

    yay for seeing the cute guy! when are you going to ask him out??

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