My best friend – mah girl!

I keep coming across, to me, new food blogs that are fantastic, my list is endless! Aside from the blogs I’ve got in my blogroll I’ve got so many bookmarked on my computer. I can’t deal! There’s so many fabulous food bloggers out there, there ain’t enough hours in the day to read them all! I looove it!

So, good and bad news today. Let’s start with this morning. I got up and did mah brekkie.

10:25am Breakfast. A little bit different today, can you spot the change? No kiwi! I mixed in some blackberries with my soy yoghurt and ground flaxseed today. On the side was the usual wedge of melon and whole grain rye cracker. And a cup of green tea.

A closeup of the pretty berries in soy yoghurt.

After breakfast I went for my powerwalk and run because it actually dried up a bit today! This morning looked grim but by the time I’d finished breakfast and got changed the sun was on it’s way out between the gray clouds and by this afternoon we actually had a pretty decent day, cold but sunny. Got home from my exercising and did 100 crunches and then hopped in the shower.

Was checking some blogs when I got a phone call… bad news you guys, I didn’t get the job I tried out for last week. I was really sad about it but supressed any urge to start crying. I just really wanted that job. Like I said there were several other people trying out for the same job and in the end the boss could only choose one person and she said she really liked me and thought I was super sweet but that she had chosen to go with someone who was more experienced working in that industry. Bah, I want to work there so bad!

2:40pm Protein shake. I was surprised to notice I wasn’t really feeling hungry for lunch today like I usually do, eventually I just made a protein shake (soy milk and soy protein powder) since I wasn’t all that hungry and since I’d been for my powerwalk/jog.

Spent the afternoon trying to figure out what to wear to my friend’s wedding on Saturday and getting ready to eventually go out and meet my best friend! Then I had light dinner (still wasn’t very hungry).

5pm Dinner. An apple and my four last blackberries. My standard wrap with Tofutti cream cheese, iceberg lettuce, cucumber and plain tofu plus some spices.

Then I headed out and met mah girl! I was so happy to see her. The sun was still out and it was warm enough to sit outside so we went to a café and each got a cup of green tea (with carrot and vanilla flavor, so yummy!) and sat outside and did some much needed talking and catching up.

9:20pm Evening snack. When I got home I was craving my usual evening snack. Two carob rice crackers, an apple and honey vanilla chamomile tea. I snacked on it while watching Gordon Ramsay’s The F-Word.

Total calories: 770 kcal (I know… I don’t know how to change it)

Exercise today:
1h powerwalk/jog intervals
100 crunches
15 min walk with best friend in town

Uuuggghhh!! I am watching the news as I write this and it’s showing the weather for tomorrow and this weekend. SO DEPRESSING! Rain, rain, rain, wind, cold, thunder. Nasty weather. Will it ever end!? This is insane!

In other news… tomorrow I’m thinking of going in to town to the Adidas Concept Store to get a new pair of running shoes! I bought the shoes I’ve got now about two years ago and they’re so worn out. I can tell that they’re not giving me proper support anymore. I’m thinking I’ll go and try to get another pair that are pretty much the same since I’ve been so satisfied with this pair from start to finish. It’s just a shame that shoes are so expensive! My current shoes have been with me everywhere, on all my travels, to the US, to Prague, all around the streets of Sweden. So, I guess it’s well spent money.


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