Picture heavy post!

Hello bloggies! I have so many pictures (both food related and not so much) to sum up today’s happenings so let’s get straight to it party people!

Got up this morning, peeked out the window and saw some gloomy looking clouds but was excited to see that it wasn’t raining! Whipped up my usual breakfast and then spent an hour cleaning, dusting and vaccuming like the little neat-freak I am.

Once I had finished my cleaning I saw it still wasn’t raining although the clouds were still looking kind of threatening. I decided to give it a go anyway and threw on my running gear. It was super windy and during the first half of my powerwalk/jog interval-ing the clouds were looking at me like you want a piece of me? And they kept getting darker and darker, I could literally see it coming and then – BAM! – on my way back towards home (i.e. half way) the sky split open and water came pouring down all over me! I started running and ran all the way home, got home absolutely drenched. I felt photo proof was so neccessary:

My hand looks kind of tanned in this photo, it’s not (lack of sun will do that to you), it’s actually red and cold from the icy rain! I watched the rain through the window for a while, amazed at how it was coming down…

This picture doesn’t even show the half of it, we’re talking buckets people! Buckets! Anyway, while observing the rain I shook my soy protein powder into a shake.

After slurping that baby up I was going to go into town to get new running shoes, but Mr.Bad Weather made me change my mind. However, I did take the bus to the grocery store to pick up some things and then on the way home I went by the post office to pick up a package that had arrived for me, from Australia. I had no idea what it was and I love getting packages so I was crazy excited! Got home and ripped it open to find:

Aww, too sweet! My friend Anna who lives in Australia sent me…

This pretty thing that I instantly put up on my wall! The quote says: “As high as I reach can I grow, as far as I seek can I go, as deep as I look can I see, as much as I DREAM can I be.” – Karen Raven

At the grocery store I also picked up the latest issue of TeenVogue – yup, they actually have quite a few international/american magazines here but I have yet to find my favorite, VegNews. I figured since it was a rainy day I needed some fun reading.

So, after some putsing around mom and sister got home from Greece. And they brought me gifts.

I got this apple, lucky charm thing that is now hanging on my inspiration board. Cute! And…

These cool vintage looking rings and a pendant that I need to get a chain for. In the box that the apple lucky charm thing came in was also this mini-card…

How cute is that little card!?

So then it was time to make some dinnuh while talking to mom about what they’d all experienced in the warmth and loveliness of Greece. Obviously I was biting my tongue constantly to avoid screaming of jealousy.

5:40pm Dinner. Had what I craved for dinner, my wrap (plain tofu, tofutti cream cheese, lettuce, cucumber) and a pretty apple on the side.

Talked to mom for a bit and then had my evening snack while watching CSI.

8:40pm Evening snack. An apple, a carob covered rice cracker and a specialty my mom brought home from Greece – sesame, nut snack. It’s like chewy and full of sesame seeds and nuts, super yum! Let’s have a closeup, shall we?

I definitely had seconds of that.

Total calories: 821 kcal
(slightly guesstimated on the nut/sesame snack)

Exercise today:
1h powerwalk/run intervals
100 crunches
1h cleaning

Question: What is your favorite recipe and/or cookbook?
Before discovering the food-blogging world that I read so frequently now, I was a daily reader over at the
Post Punk Kitchen. That’s where I learned a lot about veganism. That in turn also introduced me to some fabulous cookbooks. My collection of vegan cookbooks is rather big now but I suck at using them, I really need to make it my mission to try some of the recipes in my books. The one I’ve used the most is Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. Some of the best cupcakes ever have come from using the recipes in that book, and even my non-vegan siblings and mother agree!


3 thoughts on “Picture heavy post!

  1. I love Deborah Madison’s “Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.” Nicely laid out, and full of basic info. But I’m also a big fan of the Moosewood cookbook, because it was my first one and the dishes are all so freakin filling.

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