Mouth-to-mouth action!

Wassup wassup beauties! I haven’t posted in a couple of days, sorry about that. So let’s get crackin’! First, I have to tell you about the blast I had filming on Wednesday! It was so much fun! As mentioned, I played a dead person and we shot in a real morgue. It turned out to be less gross than I expected because there were so many wonderful people on set that made sure I was doing alright. Everyone on set kept making me crack up, I had the best time ever!

The two famous actors that were there to do the scene with me were also very friendly and kept joking around with me. It took about three and a half hours to shoot the two scenes (one where I am dead and one where they are reviving me) and I laughed so much the entire time. The scene where they were reviving me needed a bit of participation from my part. You know how you see on TV or in movies when they shock someone in a hospital scene and the body “jerks”? Well, I got to do that! And one of the famous actors did “mouth-to-mouth” resusitation on me. Haha, that was hillarious. We both cracked up like crazy at one point in the middle of the scene because it was so wierd how I just lie there completely still while he pretty much kissed me. He also did heart compressions on me and then later this other guy playing a doctor did heart compressions on me and a real nurse (who played a nurse) did heart compressions on me too. Lemme tell you, I’m still sore on my chest from all the beating, but it was so worth it! After the umpteenth time I felt like saying “Okay, okay, I’m alive already!”  I could go on forever about how much fun I had… but let’s move on to other exciting things.

My eats on Wednesday were the usual breakfast and lunch, I even had time to run to the gym for an hour before heading off to the shooting location. The filming was done around 7.30pm and they ordered food for everyone… from McDonalds! Hahaha! I haven’t eaten at McDonalds in like ten years! They ordered a vegetarian burger for me (I didn’t even know McDonalds had vegetarian burgers) and I ate a little less than the whole burger and sipped on some coke (so thristy from all that kissing, haha). I got home and took a shower (I had makeup all over my arms, face and in my hair!), had an apple for an evening snack and told mom all about my adventures in filmland. She’d bought me a new tea that she gave me when I got home.

New tea! Tripple Ginseng. Yum!

New tea! Tripple Ginseng. Yum!

Then yesterday, Thursday, I had my regular eats for breakfast and lunch. Got in a good forty minute bikeride during the day (took a day off from the gym) and then had my huge salad for dinner. Afterwards things went a little… crazy with food and I snacked my little heart out all yesterday eveing. So let’s not talk about that anymore.


10:25am Breakfast. Soy yoghurt with ground flaxseed, a kiwi and two little passionfruits!

10:25am Breakfast. Soy yoghurt with ground flaxseed, a kiwi and two little passionfruits!

Had my regular breakfast but added in some passion fruit. Nom nom. Looks a little messy but it was good. A little too much crunch from the passion fruit seeds though, but whatevuh. After breakfast mom and I packed a picnic and headed out. The sun has been shining like there’s no tomorrow for days now. THANK YOU, FINALLY. I love it! Mom and I took our bikes and rode around to find a good picnic-spot and then sat ourselves down to soak in the sun for a bit, enjoy the breeze and water. Then these little adorable creatures came swimming along.

Momma duck came with six little baby ducks. So adorable!

Mom and I made sure to throw them breadcrumbs from our lunches. I’d packed my usual.

A not so flattering picture of my tofu wrap and apple.

A not so flattering picture of my tofu wrap and apple.

Once we felt we’d got enough sunshine we biked on over to the grocery store to stock up on the biggest staples in our household – fruits and veggies! We also each got an ice cream (that I forgot to take a picture of!) I had one called Tip Top (that looks like this). Not my favorite but it was a nice treat on a hot sunny day!

After our ice cream affair we got home and I jumped into my workout gear and headed down to the gym for an hour. I did 32 minutes on the treadmill (4.68km at various speeds and inclines). And it felt so awesome! I felt like I ran so much better than normally. It was easier and more enjoyable somehow. I loved it! I also did various arm exercises (for surfing) and got home and did 150 crunches (plan on doing another 50 or 100 later this evening). Took a shower when I got home and then made dinnuh!

6:15pm Dinner. Huuuuge salad! In the mix: mixed lettuce, carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, steamed broccoli, veggie burger and mango cucumber salsa.

6:15pm Dinner. Huuuuge salad! In the mix: mixed lettuce, carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, steamed broccoli, veggie burger and mango cucumber salsa.

Now I’m about to make a cup of tea and see if there’s anything good on TV this evening. I have like a million things I’d like to tell you all but this post is already majuh long so I’ll have to keep telling you more later.

Question of the day: What role would you like to play in a movie and with what actor/actress?
I would love to be in a big movie some day, a lead roll (oh but of course!) and I’d love to work with someone amazing like Johnny Depp (no, not only because he’s gorgeous but because he’s such a talented actor). But while we’re on the subject of hotness… I’d like to do a scene where I’m Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend and the movie’s all about how much we love eachother and make out all the time. Thankyouplease.

That’s all for now folks!


5 thoughts on “Mouth-to-mouth action!

  1. WOW. That is awesome that the scene worked out so well and you felt comfortable bc I would have been CREEPED OUT. I love trying new tea’s! Depp and RPat are both amazing. I would love to work with Vin Diesel bc I think he is GORGEOUS. Halle Berry too? I am not sure. The ducks are soo cute!

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  3. sounds like you had a lot of fun! i have a bunch of friends in LA who are actresses and i get the biggest kick out of hearing their stories! it sounds like so much fun to do something as crazy as you did for “work.” i love it!!

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