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Bonjour mes amis!

Internet is still down so I’m at the library again. We got the modem on Monday evening but it didn’t work! This exact thing happened last time our modem was shot. It’ll be another week until it’s fixed (according to the company, which means plus a couple of days or weeks). It’ll be a while before I get back to daily blogging and being able to read all your blogs again.

Now, I want to tell you about my experience with food during surf camp. As mentioned, it was in France (a.k.a the land of wonderful, gorgeous, delicious food!). I had notified the surf camp prior to my departure that I am a vegetarian, but I said I could eat fish to make things easier for them. All week long I ate proper meals and never felt deprived, I never had a thought to try to restrict or binge or anything and I felt full, satisfied and content after every single meal. For once in my life I ate completely normal and enjoyed every single bite. Most of the time I wasn’t even hungry! And I cannot tell you how wonderful it was so not have to think about food all the time.

I ate non-vegan almost every day and enjoyed delicious french cheeses, dairy yoghurt and milk, sometimes I’d have some tuna fish and one evening a coupe at the surf camp made mussel pasta, it was my first time trying mussels! Also, we were surfing every single day, sometimes twice a day and constantly moving around (carrying surfboards, walking, running, going, going, going..!) so I was able to work up a genuine apetite which was such a wonderful feeling.

I thought I’d share a couple of random foodie photos, some of them are from surf camp in France and some are just random stuff I’ve photographed since I got home.

A new breakfast I have been enjoying. Soy yoghurt (or plain yoghurt), whole grain lakes and dried fruits. And an apple on the side.

Soy yoghurt, whole grain flakes topped with dried fruits. An apple and green tea on the side.

I’ve been enjoying this for breakfast the past couple of days. While I was in France I bought a bag of mixed dried fruits to have as an easy snack to bring along or eat between meals if I got hungry. The mix I bought in France was so good I got completely obsessed with it, haha! When I got home I made sure to stock up on some dried fruits to top my breakfasts with. I also got some new breakfast foods. Eating with the whole gang in France really inspired me, we all lived like a big family and made all our meals together, it helped me a lot in understanding what healthy and good eating is.

French soft yummy nougat!

French soft yummy nougat!

I got some French nougat at the grocery store during one of the last days in France, to bring home. I downed this in no time once I got home on Saturday. This is a fraction of the piece, it was a big piece. But so good!

French breakfast yesterday morning.

"French breakfast" yesterday morning.

Yesterday morning mom ran down to the local French bakery and got some fresh bread. I had a bowl of plain dairy yoghurt with whole grain flakes and dried fruit. On the side I had a whole grain roll with a light laughing cow wedge and some cucumber. And a cup of coffee with soy milk (I drank a lot of wonderful coffee in France!)

Mussel pasta

Here’s the impressive mussel pasta we had one evening for dinner. Everyone was starving because we’d got home late from surfing and making dinner took a while so we dug in around 11pm! This was my first time trying mussels, I liked this dish but I can’t say I’m all that crazy about mussels. Seeing this picture makes me miss surf camp even more! We had such a cozy time every single evening eating dinner together out by the pool in the back of the house.

Whole wheat pasta salad with mozarella, olives, avocado, greens and greek yoghurt dressing

Whole wheat pasta salad with mozarella, olives, avocado, greens and greek yoghurt dressing

One day the girl I was sharing a room with and I made this impressive lunch. We were both so proud of it that we snapped a shot of it. In the dish was: whole wheat pasta, lettuce, tomato, basil olives, avocado, mozarella, cucumber and a scoop of greek yoghurt mixed with spices that I made as a dressing. It was a huge portion and I ate so quickly because I was so hungry, I still didn’t manage to finish it all though.

That’s all the photos I have for now, but here’s basically what I had for breakfast lunch and dinner each day at surf camp:

Breakfast: Pretty much the same every single day, a bowl of plain yoghurt (sometimes mixed with a fruit yoghurt) topped with whole grain flakes and sometimes raisins. On the side I had a big piece of fresh French baguette with a laughing cow wedge and cucumber. And I washed it all down with a nice glass of juice and sometimes a cup of tea or coffee.

Lunch: was always different, one day I just had a pure bar after surfing because I didn’t have time to get lunch. Most days we ate out and I had a pizza one day. Other days we were at the house and everyone made whatever they felt like. Sometimes I’d have a big sandwhich made with a fresh baguette and then there was the whole wheat pasta salad.

Dinner: The dinners were always great because we all made it together like a big family and enjoyed it outside by the pool. We grilled meat a couple of days and I had soy burgers then. One day we had tortelini with tomato sauce and the last evening we had tacos (I had beans instead of meat). We always had a huge lovely green salad with dinner that we sometimes put couscous in or watermelon and feta cheese. All the food was amazing.

Evening snacks: We’d have beer or wine in the evening, one evening a couple of us dished up a bunch of french cheeses and crackers along with pears and grapes. We’d bought a bunch of fun cheese at the grocery store that same day. One evening we made a big bowl of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with bananas and cookies to celebrate one of our surf teacher’s birthday. And several evenings we didn’t have anything for an evening snack because we’d had dinner so late.

I miss it so much I cannot even tell you. I want to go back right this minute! Since I got home my eating has gone down the gutter again and all I can think about is how I want to go back there where I was happy and could live life without having these food problems hanging over me.

Hope you are all doing well!


6 thoughts on “Surf camp eats

  1. thats amazing that you were able to surf in France!! I have only heard of the delicious food there :) Im really surprised by how healthy the food was! Maybe its just in the states were camp food = highly processed crap.

  2. I’m so glad you had a good time while in France for your camp! That’s so incredible! All the food looks delicious and I love how healthy it is too! Sorry you aren’t feeling too good at home now. Hope things look up!
    <3 jess

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