Should I keep blogging?

Beautiful people! I have been tossing and turning at night, trying to figure out if food-blogging is something I should continue doing. I think it’s fun and of course there are a lot of good reasons to keep this blog (for instance I feel as if blogging helps me “stay on track”, i.e. eat healthy, more than when I am not blogging). However, there’s also several things that make me feel so silly for keeping this blog (like the fact that I eat the same things for breakfast, lunch and dinner almost every single day).

I don’t get all that many comments and sometimes when I get zero comments I feel even more silly and the fact that all my posts look the same becomes all the more clear. I don’t know… I’m still trying to decide. I have been slacking off a bit on the updating and maybe that’s what’s the best thing for me to do right now. Maybe I should only update when I’ve really got something fun or new to share. What do you think?

On that note, here are some of my eats the past couple of days. Some of them look the same, and some are a little bit different. Thank you to everyone that takes the time to read and comment on my blog, I’m sorry my posts are so repetitive.


Lunch with a side of a French surf magazine

Lunch with a side of a French surf magazine

I believe this was consumed after coming home from a fabulous workout at the gym.


45 minutes on the treadmill, mostly running, 7 k total and 700 kcals burned! Then I used the stomach crunch machine and then focused on arms and did a bunch of various arm exercises and ended up spending about an hour and a half at the gym total! Plus did my 100 crunches when I got home.

For dinner I had my standard big salad and then in the evening I was feeling hungry so I had…

Coconut yoghurt, raspberries and a vegan scone

Coconut yoghurt, raspberries and a vegan scone

A sweet little evening snack with a cup of honey vanilla chamomile tea. Hit the spot and totally filled me up. I’m kind of guessing that my recent consumtion of dairy yoghurt and more bread than usual is what has been giving me some stomach issues lately. I’ve been having the worst stomach aches EVER lately. It’s so annoying.


On Tuesday I got up and had a nice breakkie before heading to the gym for my last sweat session before my gym card is up.

Pretty colored breakfast!

Pretty colored breakfast!

I had some soy yoghurt with whole grain flakes and a kiwi on top, on the side I had a lovely slice of seedless watermelon.


At the gym I did 45 minutes on the treadmill, mostly running, 7.5k total! Then I used the stomach crunch machine again for a bit and then focused on my legs and did various leg exercises including some good ‘ole squats. I spent an hour and a half at the gym again and then got home to do 100 crunches!

After the gym and a nice shower I made lunch!

Havent I seen this before?

Haven't we seen this before?

A classic wrap with tofu and a nectarine on the side.

Then dad called and I went in to town to meet him quickly. He had an early birthday gift for me, a video camera. What the heck? I was totally surprised but thought it was nice of him and a fun gift. Now I could potentially start video-blogging… I’m still trying to figure out what to video tape! Too bad I didn’t have it before my surf trip!



When I came home I made a beautiful salad – veggie burger, steamed broccoli, carrot, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and chunky organic salsa. Hit tha spot.

When evening rolled around I was supah hungry for some reason and got all snacky. First I had an apple shortly after dinner to try to dampen a sugar craving. A few hours later my body was still screaming for something dessert-like so I broke out the sorbet.

Lime and blueberry sorbet and peanuts!

Lime and blueberry sorbet and peanuts!

Went a bit over indulgent but hay, done is done. And it was good. Had a cup of chamomile tea with it too. Yum. Oddly enough I was still hungry after this so I had half a Pure bar and called it a day.

Hope you are having a great week! I’m kind of busy this week with fashion work. Had a meeting today about a photo shoot I’m doing on Monday next week and then tomorrow I’m going to a bunch of press offices to collect clothes and outfits for the shoot. Will be a busy, busy day!

Question of the day: Should I keep blogging?


10 thoughts on “Should I keep blogging?

  1. Awww hun! Everyone has those doubts! Espesh with the comments and stuff. I find a couple of things help keep things fresh & dialogue-y:
    1) Ask questions towards your readers (but I guess you do that)
    2) Post a bit more personal info – I like food blogs, but I love the personalities of the bloggers even more.
    3) Host a give-away ;-)

    I think you should continue to blog, just switch it up a little: add new things, try new things and just let it all hang, as it were. I like reading your blog & your adventures!

  2. i feel like every blogger goes through some sort of deciding period where they think about taking the blog in a new (or no) direction. i know i am doing that right now, because blogging every bite i eat is just wayyyyyy to much for me to handle. i think you should think back to why you started blogging. if it was for personal reasons, then maybe getting more commenters isnt that important. if it was so that you can share with many people about your journey/story, then maybe try to think of different ways you can drive traffic to your blog. most of all, it should be something you enjoy!

    i think its great that you are incorporating some different foods into your eats. i totally understand wanting to eat what you love (hello, i eat the same breakfast every day basically!!) but i do love seeing some desserts and snacks on your blog. i mean this in the most sincere way, but it worries me sometimes when i see you talking about eating healthy and then posting less than 800 calories for the whole day. i think that might be intimidating for some of your readers who might not know what to comment in that case. i hope that makes sense and doesnt sound all naggy :)

  3. I completely understand your blogging quandary! I used to follow a food journal type-design on my blog, but now I post mainly my own recipes. I was no longer enjoying posting everything I ate, and I am much happier with the new direction I’ve taken my blog.

    It comes down to doing what makes YOU happy ;).

  4. i think you should do whatever is best for you! i wonder about people who have tons of commenters on their blogs and im glad i have my few “regulars” because it makes it more personal for me. i’d never be able to keep up if i had a GIANT fan club!
    i think it took a year for me to build up a reader base, and there were times where i was thinking – who am i writing this for? and then i remembered that it was for myself and not for an audience. its more fun when you have people cheering you on of course, but you are writing for YOU! :)
    i hope you keep it up!!

  5. keep blogging. please :D I love seeing your bright and beautiful eats!

    wow sounds like you have had some great workouts.
    loving the huge salad of course!

  6. I will miss you if you decide to stop blogging! So my vote is to just do what makes you happy with the blog. Just post every once in awhile or when you have something to share.

  7. I say keep blogging girl! I love seeing what delicious and GORGEOUS eats you’ve consumed. It seems to be a positive in your life as well, but if it ever becomes a stress/burden so I say stop. Blogging is supposed to be an enjoyable activity! Not a burden :) About the commenting, sometimes you have lots of comments, sometimes you don’t. It fluctuates and just because someone doesn’t comment, doesn’t mean they aren’t reading :)
    Hope you figure things out :)
    <3 jess

  8. girl i was going through the same thing. i kinda dropped off of writing posts and was trying to figure out if blogging was for me. then i decided to do it less often but wriet about things i cared about. i was writing baout the same foods i ate over and over again and it was boring me to write it so i had to sit down and think a little of where i wanted it to go. il ove your blog nad hope you continue to write :) xoxo all my loveee

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