Here’s a little secret!!

Thank you all for your suggestions on my last post. I will be assembling a list for mommy dearest to bring along to the US, it’ll be exciting to see what she brings back home! I just wish I could go myself and spent like two days in Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

I was actually going to do a real post today because I have quite a few photos to share but my Photoshop died yesterday (for some unknown reason, so annoying!) so I’m unable to crop/resize my photos right now.

Instead, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’ve been living a double life! Nah, not really, but in the bloggie world I sort of have. Here’s the thing, this isn’t the only blog I write. I’ve been writing another blog for years, long before I even considered starting Facineating. My other blog is a lot more about who I am and what I do in my fashion life (and plain life too!)

As many of you know I have chosen to be quite anonymous on this blog, aside from my name and what I eat, I haven’t said much of anything else about myself. I know many of you have requested that I spill the beans about myself but I would rather not have people I know in real life find this blog.

So, if you want more updates from me and want to know more about me, leave a comment to this post and I’ll email you the adress to my other blog that I update (several times) daily. I will not be writing the adress to my other blog in this blog as I do not want Facineating in any way to be connected to my other blog.  I am sure many of you can relate to this as I know a lot of you foodie bloggers out there would rather keep your blogs away from aquaintances in real life.

Ciao for now!


5 thoughts on “Here’s a little secret!!

  1. Hi Tina,
    This blog is beautiful and I would love to know more about the person behind it!
    Your comment section for your most recent post isn’t working so I’m posting here, but please do not let the weight gain get you down! It took me a whole year for my weight to balance out…and I still have battles with sugary binges, but I try to eat the most wholesome foods as possible and it has helped me stop binging so much. Too much sugar used to make me feel like…pardon my language, like sh!t, but I understand how addicting that substance can be. Just keep your head up, girl and try to focus on fashion and other things in life apart from food and I hope it will also balance out for you. =)

    Your meals are still looking delicious and more substantial. =) Oh, and I think it’s sooo cool you went to surf camp! I grew up in Hawaii, but I never learned how to surf!

    Best wishes xoxo

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