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Smooches saucy ladies!


Here’s a little secret!!

Thank you all for your suggestions on my last post. I will be assembling a list for mommy dearest to bring along to the US, it’ll be exciting to see what she brings back home! I just wish I could go myself and spent like two days in Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

I was actually going to do a real post today because I have quite a few photos to share but my Photoshop died yesterday (for some unknown reason, so annoying!) so I’m unable to crop/resize my photos right now.

Instead, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’ve been living a double life! Nah, not really, but in the bloggie world I sort of have. Here’s the thing, this isn’t the only blog I write. I’ve been writing another blog for years, long before I even considered starting Facineating. My other blog is a lot more about who I am and what I do in my fashion life (and plain life too!)

As many of you know I have chosen to be quite anonymous on this blog, aside from my name and what I eat, I haven’t said much of anything else about myself. I know many of you have requested that I spill the beans about myself but I would rather not have people I know in real life find this blog.

So, if you want more updates from me and want to know more about me, leave a comment to this post and I’ll email you the adress to my other blog that I update (several times) daily. I will not be writing the adress to my other blog in this blog as I do not want Facineating in any way to be connected to my other blog.  I am sure many of you can relate to this as I know a lot of you foodie bloggers out there would rather keep your blogs away from aquaintances in real life.

Ciao for now!

I’m here!

Bonjour homies! So sorry it has taken me so long for another update. I’ve been supah busy! Last week and the beginning of this week I’ve been working on the fashion pages for the magazine I work for, so all my time has been spent styling a photo shoot, picking out clothes, going through clothes and photos, choosing locations and returning clothes to showrooms. I love being busy, so I’m not complaining!

I’ve only snapped a few foodie-shots the past couple of days since most of my eats have either been really sporadic or the same as what I always eat (i.e. the same thing you have seen on this blog forevah!) so I’ve skipped taking pictures of it. I have taken some pics though, so here’s some of what I’ve been eating lately.

Hugh salad and corn on the cob for dinner on Sunday.

Hugh salad and corn on the cob for dinner on Sunday.

On Sunday evening I made a big salad and had some new type of veggie balls in it. They were broccoli-something-or-other and I’m a huge fan of broccoli so I expected big things from this, turned out to be a bit of a dissapointment though. They were sweet in some odd way, so didn’t go with what I had imagined. The corn on the cob was the best and I’ve been having a cob with dinner almost every day lately. Other than the veggie balls there was also this in the salad: lettuce, 1/2 tomato, 1 beet, steamed broccoli, chunky salsa, cucumber and carrot.

Dinner after working all day! It was what I was craving!

Dinner after working all day! It was what I was craving!

Monday was the photo shoot and I got up super early, had a quick breakfast and then was off to get to work styling it all. We were working all day long and I only snacked on an apple quickly during the day. I got home past 7 pm to find that mom had been to the bakery and got some mini-baguettes! I threw together the above: mini-baguette with laughing cow cheese and cucumber, whole grain flakes with peach (1/4 of he peach on the side) and soy milk and a cup of honey vanilla chamomile tea. Hit the spot!

Big fruitbowl evening snack!

Big fruitbowl evening snack!

Here’s something I’ve been enjoying a bit lately as well. For an evening snack I’ve been putting together a big bowl of fruit to snack on. It’s so yum! I’ve been getting these big juicy peaches at the grocery store because they’re in season now. SO good! In the picture above is a cup of Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea and a bowl of some watermelon, 1/2 apple and a peach.

New tea!

New tea!

I picked up a new flavor of Celestial Seasonings tea yesterday, Bengal Spice. Yet another great flavor, very strong cinnamon flavor, smells divine!

And that’s about it for now. Tomorrow I’m meeting my brother for coffee and then in the evening going to meet my friend for coffee or we’re going to the movies to see Public Enemies. I’ve been trying to stop by your blogs and comment but like I said, I’ve been so busy so sorry for the lack of comments!

How do I turn this around?

Hello lovlies! Thanks for all your comments about my blogging dilemma. I think I’ll just try to update every once in a while when I have something worthwhile to post. I’m glad you enjoy my blog, it means a lot to me to hear you say that!

Now, for today’s dilemma. For some reason my weekends always turn out to be such a mess food-wise. I always overeat bigtime during the weekends and this has been a nasty pattern of mine for a long time that I cannot seem to break! During the week I generally do okay, but then the weekend rolls around and I decide to indulge a bit, only problem is that a bit always turns in to way too much and then I repeat the same mistake the next day…It’s horribly frustrating and I hate it so much I cannot even tell you.

Anyway, here’s some of the eats from the past couple of days.


Breakfast: watermelon, soy yoghurt, whole grain flakes and half a banana.

Breakfast: watermelon, soy yoghurt, whole grain flakes and half a banana.

I had breakfast and then ran out the door to go and meet a co-worker in town to go over the fashion shoot I am doing on Monday. She’s photographing the shoot so I went over my ideas with her.

Green tea notes and magazines

Green tea, notes and magazines

I had a cup of green tea during my meeting with my co-worker. After our meeting I met up with my best friend and we went for another cup of tea to do some catching up. She’s been in Italy for two weeks and we haven’t seen each other since before I left for my surf trip!

I got home really hungry and made my usual wrap-lunch and then for dinner a few hours later I had my standard big salad. I believe the evening contained some more ice cream and peanuts as well. No photos though since it was all the same as before.


I had pretty much the same breakfast again on Thursday and then headed out the door to run to six different showrooms to pick out clothing for the photo shoot on Monday. I was stressing bigtime and running criss-cross around town. I’d booked meetings with each office but because the meeting at the first office was delayed about half an hour I had to rush to the other offices to make it to them all before they closed. Phew.

Chai latte with soy milk

Chai latte with soy milk

When I found out my meeting was delayed I went and grabbed a chai latte with soy milk, I haven’t had one of these in ages and I love them. I took a little walk in the park while drinking it before heading back to the showroom.

Big salad: lettuce, carrot, cucumber, steamed broccoli, chunky organic salsa and veggie balls.

Big salad: lettuce, carrot, cucumber, steamed broccoli, chunky organic salsa and veggie balls.

After more than four hours of running around town I got home absolutely exhausted and hungry for a big salad. I’m out of veggie burgers so I threw some veggie balls in my salad this time instead. It was good! In the evening I just had an apple and a handful of fresh Swedish blueberries for a snack.


On Friday morning I woke up and was surprised by mom who had bought some good stuff for breakfast since it was my namesday. Here in Sweden we’ve got namesdays, every day it’s two peoples namesdays listed in the calendar and on Friday was mine!

Sourdough baguette, laughing cow cheese and a Copenhagener, its like a danish but so much yummier!

Sourdough baguette, laughing cow cheese and a "Copenhagener", it's like a danish but so much yummier!

I keep blabbering about that I love the breakfasts I was eating in France so this is the second time mom has surprised me with “French” bread so that I can re-create that breakfast.

My French breakfast! Baguette with laughing cow cheese, cucumber and tomato, soy yoghurt, whole grain flakes, fresh Swedish bloobs and half a banana. And a cup of coffee with soy milk.

My "French" breakfast! Baguette with laughing cow cheese, cucumber and tomato, soy yoghurt, whole grain flakes, fresh Swedish bloobs and half a banana. And a cup of coffee with soy milk.

It was all so good and filled me up nicely. The tomato is from our own “garden” that we have on our porch and the blueberries my mom picked in the woods the day before. Swedish blueberries are the best. I cut the “Copenhagener” in half and shared it with mom for breakfast-dessert.

The not-so-good thing about Friday was that my mind was in “overindulge”-mode. What makes me so frustrated is that this breakfast was good, healthy and satisfied me to the point of actually supressing those feelings of wanting to overindulge the rest of the day. Despite that, my mind kept telling me to “have a treat” anyway because I’d thought all week long that I could “treat myself” on Friday. So, even though I wasn’t even feeling like having a “treat” I did… and that escalated into a big binge, followed by the usual feelings of guilt.


I woke up this morning feeling agitated and anxious about the previous days’ bad eating and had a late breakfast.

Breakfast: soy yoghurt, whole grain flakes, kiwi, Swedish bloobs, watermelon.

Breakfast: soy yoghurt, whole grain flakes, kiwi, Swedish bloobs, watermelon.

It started well, but despite my feelings of anxiety over yesterday’s nasty eating… I went and did it all over again. So here I am now, hating myself like never before for repeating yesterdays mistake all over again. I don’t know what the heck is wrong with me.

And to top things off, my gym card ran out on Tuesday and I have been really bad with exercise ever since. I’ve pretty much just done my 100 crunches each day and not much more (aside from a bit of running around town).

Please let tomorrow be a better day, I can’t take this anymore.

Question of the day: What do you do to turn things around when you’re stuck in a rut?

Should I keep blogging?

Beautiful people! I have been tossing and turning at night, trying to figure out if food-blogging is something I should continue doing. I think it’s fun and of course there are a lot of good reasons to keep this blog (for instance I feel as if blogging helps me “stay on track”, i.e. eat healthy, more than when I am not blogging). However, there’s also several things that make me feel so silly for keeping this blog (like the fact that I eat the same things for breakfast, lunch and dinner almost every single day).

I don’t get all that many comments and sometimes when I get zero comments I feel even more silly and the fact that all my posts look the same becomes all the more clear. I don’t know… I’m still trying to decide. I have been slacking off a bit on the updating and maybe that’s what’s the best thing for me to do right now. Maybe I should only update when I’ve really got something fun or new to share. What do you think?

On that note, here are some of my eats the past couple of days. Some of them look the same, and some are a little bit different. Thank you to everyone that takes the time to read and comment on my blog, I’m sorry my posts are so repetitive.


Lunch with a side of a French surf magazine

Lunch with a side of a French surf magazine

I believe this was consumed after coming home from a fabulous workout at the gym.


45 minutes on the treadmill, mostly running, 7 k total and 700 kcals burned! Then I used the stomach crunch machine and then focused on arms and did a bunch of various arm exercises and ended up spending about an hour and a half at the gym total! Plus did my 100 crunches when I got home.

For dinner I had my standard big salad and then in the evening I was feeling hungry so I had…

Coconut yoghurt, raspberries and a vegan scone

Coconut yoghurt, raspberries and a vegan scone

A sweet little evening snack with a cup of honey vanilla chamomile tea. Hit the spot and totally filled me up. I’m kind of guessing that my recent consumtion of dairy yoghurt and more bread than usual is what has been giving me some stomach issues lately. I’ve been having the worst stomach aches EVER lately. It’s so annoying.


On Tuesday I got up and had a nice breakkie before heading to the gym for my last sweat session before my gym card is up.

Pretty colored breakfast!

Pretty colored breakfast!

I had some soy yoghurt with whole grain flakes and a kiwi on top, on the side I had a lovely slice of seedless watermelon.


At the gym I did 45 minutes on the treadmill, mostly running, 7.5k total! Then I used the stomach crunch machine again for a bit and then focused on my legs and did various leg exercises including some good ‘ole squats. I spent an hour and a half at the gym again and then got home to do 100 crunches!

After the gym and a nice shower I made lunch!

Havent I seen this before?

Haven't we seen this before?

A classic wrap with tofu and a nectarine on the side.

Then dad called and I went in to town to meet him quickly. He had an early birthday gift for me, a video camera. What the heck? I was totally surprised but thought it was nice of him and a fun gift. Now I could potentially start video-blogging… I’m still trying to figure out what to video tape! Too bad I didn’t have it before my surf trip!



When I came home I made a beautiful salad – veggie burger, steamed broccoli, carrot, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and chunky organic salsa. Hit tha spot.

When evening rolled around I was supah hungry for some reason and got all snacky. First I had an apple shortly after dinner to try to dampen a sugar craving. A few hours later my body was still screaming for something dessert-like so I broke out the sorbet.

Lime and blueberry sorbet and peanuts!

Lime and blueberry sorbet and peanuts!

Went a bit over indulgent but hay, done is done. And it was good. Had a cup of chamomile tea with it too. Yum. Oddly enough I was still hungry after this so I had half a Pure bar and called it a day.

Hope you are having a great week! I’m kind of busy this week with fashion work. Had a meeting today about a photo shoot I’m doing on Monday next week and then tomorrow I’m going to a bunch of press offices to collect clothes and outfits for the shoot. Will be a busy, busy day!

Question of the day: Should I keep blogging?



Just a quick hello to say we still don’t have internet at la maison (the house). It is driving me completely insane! I have work to do and I want to blog to get my eating back on track. Sadly, I’ve had such a messy week of eating since I got back from surfing and I stepped on the scale this morning and just about burst into tears. I feel really sick, my stomach is a mess today and I just feel so disgusting. I fool myself into believeing I’ve got this eating-stuff in check, when really I don’t. I just want to eat normal, like I did while I was in France. Why is that so hard!? Why do I have to fall right back into binging as soon as I get home?! Yes yes, I know I am unhappy, I know this is probably the number one reason for my binging, I’m just so sick and tired of everything. So, so sick and tired! I cannot take this anymore. I want this to end, I want it to stop right now and just go away. I want it to stop pestering me and filling up my mind with these thoughts. Ugh…

Sorry for the gloomy post but I’m in a pooey mood today for several reasons, most of which were just mentioned above.

Cross your fingers I’ve got internet at home soon.

Surf camp eats

Bonjour mes amis!

Internet is still down so I’m at the library again. We got the modem on Monday evening but it didn’t work! This exact thing happened last time our modem was shot. It’ll be another week until it’s fixed (according to the company, which means plus a couple of days or weeks). It’ll be a while before I get back to daily blogging and being able to read all your blogs again.

Now, I want to tell you about my experience with food during surf camp. As mentioned, it was in France (a.k.a the land of wonderful, gorgeous, delicious food!). I had notified the surf camp prior to my departure that I am a vegetarian, but I said I could eat fish to make things easier for them. All week long I ate proper meals and never felt deprived, I never had a thought to try to restrict or binge or anything and I felt full, satisfied and content after every single meal. For once in my life I ate completely normal and enjoyed every single bite. Most of the time I wasn’t even hungry! And I cannot tell you how wonderful it was so not have to think about food all the time.

I ate non-vegan almost every day and enjoyed delicious french cheeses, dairy yoghurt and milk, sometimes I’d have some tuna fish and one evening a coupe at the surf camp made mussel pasta, it was my first time trying mussels! Also, we were surfing every single day, sometimes twice a day and constantly moving around (carrying surfboards, walking, running, going, going, going..!) so I was able to work up a genuine apetite which was such a wonderful feeling.

I thought I’d share a couple of random foodie photos, some of them are from surf camp in France and some are just random stuff I’ve photographed since I got home.

A new breakfast I have been enjoying. Soy yoghurt (or plain yoghurt), whole grain lakes and dried fruits. And an apple on the side.

Soy yoghurt, whole grain flakes topped with dried fruits. An apple and green tea on the side.

I’ve been enjoying this for breakfast the past couple of days. While I was in France I bought a bag of mixed dried fruits to have as an easy snack to bring along or eat between meals if I got hungry. The mix I bought in France was so good I got completely obsessed with it, haha! When I got home I made sure to stock up on some dried fruits to top my breakfasts with. I also got some new breakfast foods. Eating with the whole gang in France really inspired me, we all lived like a big family and made all our meals together, it helped me a lot in understanding what healthy and good eating is.

French soft yummy nougat!

French soft yummy nougat!

I got some French nougat at the grocery store during one of the last days in France, to bring home. I downed this in no time once I got home on Saturday. This is a fraction of the piece, it was a big piece. But so good!

French breakfast yesterday morning.

"French breakfast" yesterday morning.

Yesterday morning mom ran down to the local French bakery and got some fresh bread. I had a bowl of plain dairy yoghurt with whole grain flakes and dried fruit. On the side I had a whole grain roll with a light laughing cow wedge and some cucumber. And a cup of coffee with soy milk (I drank a lot of wonderful coffee in France!)

Mussel pasta

Here’s the impressive mussel pasta we had one evening for dinner. Everyone was starving because we’d got home late from surfing and making dinner took a while so we dug in around 11pm! This was my first time trying mussels, I liked this dish but I can’t say I’m all that crazy about mussels. Seeing this picture makes me miss surf camp even more! We had such a cozy time every single evening eating dinner together out by the pool in the back of the house.

Whole wheat pasta salad with mozarella, olives, avocado, greens and greek yoghurt dressing

Whole wheat pasta salad with mozarella, olives, avocado, greens and greek yoghurt dressing

One day the girl I was sharing a room with and I made this impressive lunch. We were both so proud of it that we snapped a shot of it. In the dish was: whole wheat pasta, lettuce, tomato, basil olives, avocado, mozarella, cucumber and a scoop of greek yoghurt mixed with spices that I made as a dressing. It was a huge portion and I ate so quickly because I was so hungry, I still didn’t manage to finish it all though.

That’s all the photos I have for now, but here’s basically what I had for breakfast lunch and dinner each day at surf camp:

Breakfast: Pretty much the same every single day, a bowl of plain yoghurt (sometimes mixed with a fruit yoghurt) topped with whole grain flakes and sometimes raisins. On the side I had a big piece of fresh French baguette with a laughing cow wedge and cucumber. And I washed it all down with a nice glass of juice and sometimes a cup of tea or coffee.

Lunch: was always different, one day I just had a pure bar after surfing because I didn’t have time to get lunch. Most days we ate out and I had a pizza one day. Other days we were at the house and everyone made whatever they felt like. Sometimes I’d have a big sandwhich made with a fresh baguette and then there was the whole wheat pasta salad.

Dinner: The dinners were always great because we all made it together like a big family and enjoyed it outside by the pool. We grilled meat a couple of days and I had soy burgers then. One day we had tortelini with tomato sauce and the last evening we had tacos (I had beans instead of meat). We always had a huge lovely green salad with dinner that we sometimes put couscous in or watermelon and feta cheese. All the food was amazing.

Evening snacks: We’d have beer or wine in the evening, one evening a couple of us dished up a bunch of french cheeses and crackers along with pears and grapes. We’d bought a bunch of fun cheese at the grocery store that same day. One evening we made a big bowl of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with bananas and cookies to celebrate one of our surf teacher’s birthday. And several evenings we didn’t have anything for an evening snack because we’d had dinner so late.

I miss it so much I cannot even tell you. I want to go back right this minute! Since I got home my eating has gone down the gutter again and all I can think about is how I want to go back there where I was happy and could live life without having these food problems hanging over me.

Hope you are all doing well!