Here’s a little secret!!

Thank you all for your suggestions on my last post. I will be assembling a list for mommy dearest to bring along to the US, it’ll be exciting to see what she brings back home! I just wish I could go myself and spent like two days in Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

I was actually going to do a real post today because I have quite a few photos to share but my Photoshop died yesterday (for some unknown reason, so annoying!) so I’m unable to crop/resize my photos right now.

Instead, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’ve been living a double life! Nah, not really, but in the bloggie world I sort of have. Here’s the thing, this isn’t the only blog I write. I’ve been writing another blog for years, long before I even considered starting Facineating. My other blog is a lot more about who I am and what I do in my fashion life (and plain life too!)

As many of you know I have chosen to be quite anonymous on this blog, aside from my name and what I eat, I haven’t said much of anything else about myself. I know many of you have requested that I spill the beans about myself but I would rather not have people I know in real life find this blog.

So, if you want more updates from me and want to know more about me, leave a comment to this post and I’ll email you the adress to my other blog that I update (several times) daily. I will not be writing the adress to my other blog in this blog as I do not want Facineating in any way to be connected to my other blog.  I am sure many of you can relate to this as I know a lot of you foodie bloggers out there would rather keep your blogs away from aquaintances in real life.

Ciao for now!